It’s March already…

February came and went and I feel like I missed it.  Now it is March and I have to admit to myself and anyone who might be reading this,  I do not have the Madness needed for March.

I have fallen out of my morning routine of listening to Mike & Mike talk sports, so I have no idea who is good in college basketball.  Although I am somewhat aware that Pitt has done well this season and are ranked pretty high going into the tournament.  For the sake of S, that is who I will root for to win the whole thing.  But no brackets for me this year.  Just not all that interested.

I’m writing this blog post on our new computer.  It has been difficult to have just one computer to share between two people.  During our virus crisis, in which we had to enlist the help of The Geek Squad, we purchased a second computer.  This one is a desk top and it is awesome.  We got one of those fancy high-def 19″ monitors and it is beyond wicked cool.

Initially, we weren’t going to put the internet on this computer.  The whole virus episode shook me to the core and I just wanted one safe computer.  But Sis traveling this week and she needed to take the laptop with her.  That meant I could live without the internet for a week or I could sully this virgin computer.  Sulliness won out.  I cannot live without the internet for a week, for I am weak.


My Madness is over…

March Madness officially concludes tonight with the national championship game between Memphis and Kansas.  I didn’t pick either of those teams to make it that far, so my madness ended Saturday night when UNC and UCLA lost.  I don’t care even one little bit about who wins tonight.  I did come in 8th out of, I think, 18, in the Parent Bloggers Challenge, which I got to participate in even though I am not a parent blogger (thank you Cynical Dad).

So now I go back to not being a basketball fan for another whole year. 

The madness continues…

UNC only scored 68 points last night.  Do you think they feel like they only played half a game?

 When I look at my student loan bills and then watch a college basketball game, I get a little p*ssed off when guys who are getting a free education to play basketball can’t make a simple foul shot.  Which is just one of the reasons WVU lost to Xavier last night.

I only have three teams projected for the Final Four that are still, as of this morning, still in it.  I have given up hope of even coming close to “winning” any of the bracket pools I entered.

Dear Pitt…

Remember that time I picked you to go all the way to the Final Four?  And remember, that was the same bracket year in which I picked my beloved WVU (your greatest rival) to lose in the second round?  And do you remember what happened?  No?  Let me remind you. 

You lost in the second round thus killing three rounds for me.  Yeah, I’m sure you guys are sad, disappointed and maybe even a little embarrassed over having scored a mere 54 points.  But you have got to remember that you aren’t just playing for yourselves, your pride, your coach and your school.  You are playing for people with brackets.  Some of whom may end up shaving their heads because of how you played.

I suppose you Pitt guys have heard, WVU is going to the Sweet Sixteen!*  Think about that during your off season.

*Yeah, I almost can’t believe I am taunting you on Easter Sunday either.

Dear Duke…

Every March I believe in you.  I believe in you even when I am told by knowledgeable people that I should not.  And every March you let me down.  Seriously, every single March.  Next year will be different.  I am totally not going to pick you to win even if you are playing against a girls junior high team.

But way to go WVU!!!!

Today’s picks…

Here’s the thing, I don’t think I made bad picks for today.  I think that the good teams that I picked played poorly. 

What else could explain Drake losing to Western Kentucky?  Or Connecticut losing to San Diego (which screws me for both rounds 2 and 3)? 

Dear USC…

You suck.

You have really messed up my bracket.  I was counting on you and OJ Mayo (West Virginia native) to carry on to the third round where I predicted you would get beaten by Georgetown.  But no, you couldn’t hang on against Kansas State.  Seriously, they are good, but you really seemed good too.

So now, not only did you cost me points for the first round, you cost me points for the second and third rounds.  You should be aware that I am going to go back to hatin’ on all things USC, with the exception of the brilliant Troy Polamalu.