So, you know how we live in a mostly Orthodox Jewish neighborhood?  Well, there is at least one Reform family a couple of streets over.  This is a giant, inflatible Hanukka Bear.  They also have a giant menorah and a light up Star of David.


Um, yeah, about that blog thing…

I read some stat once that the average blog gets started and then forgotten about after about six months.  The first year of this blog I tried to keep that from happening.  Sure, there were lapses, but I kept it up.  I thought I was going blog strong at the start of the second year but then something happened to me in March.

Actually, nothing really happened to me.  I just started spending a lot of time reading and commenting at Hot Air.  Then summer came and S and I were always busy, or so it seemed.    We have had all sorts of family visitors and S has been going off on work related trips and we’ve been driving to Pittsburgh and Wheeling a lot.  We just got busy. 

The switch to the new computer didn’t help either.  I lost my photo re-sizer.  So much of the fun of the blog had been in the posting of photos and it became difficult.  I also started using Facebook, initially to read Sarah Palin’s notes but then I reconnected with all sorts of friend from high school and college and beyond.  Facebook makes it so easy to upload photos and with that came the ease of status updates.  So I was telling people on Facebook and Twitter and Hot Air and Ace of Spades my thoughts, instead of writing them here.

Recently though, S and I started a new hobby and last night I thought that I might like to write about it.  I thought about starting a blog just for that, but then I figured this blog has always been a hodge podge, so why not come back to it?  I cannot believe I haven’t posted anything since March. 

So, I’m back.  I think.