March Madness…

And so it begins…  My month long jump in the basketball fan pool.  I am not a basketball fan through the entire season, I am a March Madness fan. 

For the past week my mother has called me every day to see if I had watched “last night’s game” which she was always excited to talk about.  She’d been watching the Big East Championship for West Virginia University and then got sucked into the Pitt and Georgetown games too.  Sadly, for her, I hadn’t watched any of them and had nothing to say other than what I had been hearing on Mike & Mike.  But now we can start our March bonding moments since WVU is the 7th seed in the West.

I’ve already printed out my bracket from Yahoo, which, oddly enough also acts as a KFC coupon.  I also signed up for the bracket wager against Sen. John McCain on his campaign website.  Good fun.  And I signed up for a 5 million dollar bracket contest from Yahoo.  I am ready for the games to begin.

In case you are interested my Final Four picks are:

North Carolina, Kansas, Pittsburgh and UCLA, with North Carolina and UCLA playing for the championship and North Carolina winning it all.  That should make blogger, Cynical Dad, happy as he is a big North Carolina fan.

I think WVU will beat Arizona in the first round, but lose to Duke in the second round.  Too bad.  If only they had their Pittsnogle back…  S is not a sports fan, but she humors me and is a Pitt alum, so she has some Panther pride going into March Madness.


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