Well, that totally sucked.

It hurts much more than I even thought it would.

Nothing to be done about it now.  Time to move on.

I’ve got to cut the grass today, on what may be the last nice weather day until April.


Sarah Palin rally…

I didn’t think I was going to make it to a McCain/Palin campaign rally.  Two weeks ago we almost went to a McCain rally in Toldeo, Ohio, but it was a two hour drive and Sarah wasn’t going to be there, so we skipped it.  There have been other opportunities, but they have been on week days and at iunfortunate times. 

Yesterday, Sarah had a rally in Canton, Ohio and since it was a Sunday, I really thought we would go.  But S had boat loads of homework and there just wasn’t enough time in the day.  But then I got one last opportunity.  The Ohio GOP sent notice that they had added one more local Palin rally for Monday morning.  While I felt bad that S wouldn’t be able to go with me, I jumped at the opportunity.

I picked up my rally ticket at the Mayfield McCain/Palin office late last night.  The ticket said that the “doors” opened at 6:30 am.  I live about 45 minutes from Lakewood, where the rally was held, so I had to get up pretty early and skip driving S to work.

I didn’t get over to Lakewood until about 6:45, but I got a great parking spot and the lines moved briskly.  It was total kismet.  I was meant to attend the Palin rally.  Since I got there so early, I was able to get a standing spot right near the stage.

This is a shot taken right as I got into the rally area.  It was held outdoors in Lakewood Park.  It was kind of warm this morning, but cloudy and there were sprinkles.  It did not bode well for the two hour wait until Gov. Palin arrived.

Once I got into my really great rally viewing spot, I started to make the aquaintence of the people around me.  There were a lot of people.  A lot of families.  A lot of school children.  I thought a Monday morning rally might be sparse, but no.  There were probably about 4,000 people there.  I haven’t heard “official” numbers though. 

Anyway, everyone was so nice and so excited.  The cool thing about the bleacher seats behind the stage is that anyone could go sit up there.  People weren’t being chosen by demographics.  That was cool.

The campaign people handed out free baseball caps that read “CLEAN COAL”, little American flags, “Country First” signs, red pom-poms and Joe stickers.  I got one of each to bring home to S.  I also bought her a Sarah Palin button and a John and Sarah campaign sticker. 

Various local politicians took the stage, which was nice.  And then there was an Ohio country music singer who did a couple of songs and the National Anthem.  At about 9:15 Sarah Palin finally arrived.

Now, I think Sarah Palin is a great politician.  A true natural.  I think she is smart.  I think she keeps her promises.  I think she is a reformer.  I admire her for lots of reasons.  But I have to tell you, she is about 1,000 times hotter in person than you can possibly believe. 

Sure, I thought she was attractive before.  But I’ve never understood the people who claimed she was “smokin”.  Until today.  Gov. Palin is wicked hot.  Before today, I was rooting for her.  After today, I am totally smitten.

Oh, yeah, and Todd was there too.  Just as cute as he is on television.  G_d, he seems like such a wonderful husband and father.  Everyone should have a Todd in their lives.

I should also add that Sarah made the skies clear up and the rain go away.  She is amazing.  She controls the weather. 

Good speech.  Lots of energy.  I am hoarse from cheering and my hands ache from clapping.

At one point, when she was talking about taking reform to Washington, I yelled out “Veto Pen” and I swear that both she and Todd turned and winked at me.

I’ve never really been one to attend political rallies before.  Well, not since college anyway.  I really didn’t see much point in them because I always make up my mind well before the last weeks of an election.  But now I see the whole point of adding “just one more” rally.  Before today, I would have been upset and disappointed if McCain/Palin lose the election.  After having attended the rally, I can now say that I will be broken hearted if they lose.

So much so that tonight I am going to go make some phone calls at the campaign office and tomorrow I am going to be an official poll observer.