Dear Pitt…

Remember that time I picked you to go all the way to the Final Four?  And remember, that was the same bracket year in which I picked my beloved WVU (your greatest rival) to lose in the second round?  And do you remember what happened?  No?  Let me remind you. 

You lost in the second round thus killing three rounds for me.  Yeah, I’m sure you guys are sad, disappointed and maybe even a little embarrassed over having scored a mere 54 points.  But you have got to remember that you aren’t just playing for yourselves, your pride, your coach and your school.  You are playing for people with brackets.  Some of whom may end up shaving their heads because of how you played.

I suppose you Pitt guys have heard, WVU is going to the Sweet Sixteen!*  Think about that during your off season.

*Yeah, I almost can’t believe I am taunting you on Easter Sunday either.


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