So, my girlfriend and I bought a house last February and we are in the process of renovations.  That seemed like a fine title for a blog because it can apply to so many things.  Sure, there will be many stories about the house and pictures too, but I’m also going to post about our family.  Yes, I am trying to renovate that as well.  And then there is the poltical scene…  I have to tell you, I am a political news junkie.  While the voters renovate the country, I am going to try to keep up.



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  1. Husband and I have rehabbed an old house.It took us about 7 years because we did most everything ourselves. It can be pretty scary when you buy your first house-I think we were in shock the first year we owned it ! I am guessing that you are from New England. My best friend grew up in New Hampshire and she used the word “wicked” quite a bit.

  2. Hello SuzieQ, thanks for stopping by. Seven years? We’re going to be doing almost all of the renovations ourselves, too. I’m kind of hoping for five years. Optimistic. I’m originally from West Virginia and now living in Ohio. I don’t know where I picked up “wicked” but it was a couple of years ago and I can’t help myself.

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