So, you know how we live in a mostly Orthodox Jewish neighborhood?  Well, there is at least one Reform family a couple of streets over.  This is a giant, inflatible Hanukka Bear.  They also have a giant menorah and a light up Star of David.


Um, yeah, about that blog thing…

I read some stat once that the average blog gets started and then forgotten about after about six months.  The first year of this blog I tried to keep that from happening.  Sure, there were lapses, but I kept it up.  I thought I was going blog strong at the start of the second year but then something happened to me in March.

Actually, nothing really happened to me.  I just started spending a lot of time reading and commenting at Hot Air.  Then summer came and S and I were always busy, or so it seemed.    We have had all sorts of family visitors and S has been going off on work related trips and we’ve been driving to Pittsburgh and Wheeling a lot.  We just got busy. 

The switch to the new computer didn’t help either.  I lost my photo re-sizer.  So much of the fun of the blog had been in the posting of photos and it became difficult.  I also started using Facebook, initially to read Sarah Palin’s notes but then I reconnected with all sorts of friend from high school and college and beyond.  Facebook makes it so easy to upload photos and with that came the ease of status updates.  So I was telling people on Facebook and Twitter and Hot Air and Ace of Spades my thoughts, instead of writing them here.

Recently though, S and I started a new hobby and last night I thought that I might like to write about it.  I thought about starting a blog just for that, but then I figured this blog has always been a hodge podge, so why not come back to it?  I cannot believe I haven’t posted anything since March. 

So, I’m back.  I think.

It’s March already…

February came and went and I feel like I missed it.  Now it is March and I have to admit to myself and anyone who might be reading this,  I do not have the Madness needed for March.

I have fallen out of my morning routine of listening to Mike & Mike talk sports, so I have no idea who is good in college basketball.  Although I am somewhat aware that Pitt has done well this season and are ranked pretty high going into the tournament.  For the sake of S, that is who I will root for to win the whole thing.  But no brackets for me this year.  Just not all that interested.

I’m writing this blog post on our new computer.  It has been difficult to have just one computer to share between two people.  During our virus crisis, in which we had to enlist the help of The Geek Squad, we purchased a second computer.  This one is a desk top and it is awesome.  We got one of those fancy high-def 19″ monitors and it is beyond wicked cool.

Initially, we weren’t going to put the internet on this computer.  The whole virus episode shook me to the core and I just wanted one safe computer.  But Sis traveling this week and she needed to take the laptop with her.  That meant I could live without the internet for a week or I could sully this virgin computer.  Sulliness won out.  I cannot live without the internet for a week, for I am weak.

Six Lombardi Trophies!!!!!

I couldn’t post right after the Superbowl because I caught a nasty computer virus.  But I am back and ready to celebrate in blog form. 

The Steelers are the Superbowl Campions!!!

Just like I said they would be!!!

And James Harrison really was the MVP even if he didn’t get the nod.  The whole game hinged on him and his interception.

NFL Playoff, Championship round…

So, here is what I wrote before this past weekend’s full slate of games:

The Steelers are going to beat the Chargers this week.

The Ravens are going to beat the Titans this week.

The Cardinals are going to be crushed by the Panthers this week.

The Eagles will lose to the Giants this week.

Apparently I am much better at picking the winners in my own conference, the AFC.  I was so very, very wrong about the NFC games.  How was I supposed to know that Panthers QB, Jake Delhome, would throw FIVE interceptions?  How was I supposed to know that the Giants couldn’t defend their home field?  Oh well…

Here is what I think is going to happen next weekend.  And again, I will probably be wrong.

The Steelers are going to beat the Ravens.  I say this knowing how difficult beating a team 3 times in one season can be.  And I say this knowing that when the Steelers and Ravens play anything can happen.  It is going to be a defensive struggle all 60 minutes.  But the Steelers will win.

I think that the Eagles will beat the Cardinals in Arizona.  I am not confident in this thought, but pretty sure.  The Cardinals have been on fire during the playoffs, but Donovan McNabb is playing in prime form.  If this prediction turns out to be wrong, I would be kind of happy.  I would rather that the Cardinals win, but I just don’t think they will.

Not nearly enough snow…

Again, I love snow.  I am in full glory when we get 12+ inches.  Over the weekend we got big snow on Saturday and then a couple more inches on Sunday.  Good times.

Here is Rummy, enjoy the fresh snow Saturday morning:


I thought that S should wait to dig us out until after the snow stopped, but she had other ideas.  She actually enjoys shoveling snow.


The owner (I think) of the little gas station around the corner from us is a very industrious man.  He has a Jeep and this winter he put a plow on it so he could run a side business plowing driveways.  I want to hire him on the days that we get ton of snow, but S wants to do it all by herself.  Seriously?  This picture only shows half of our driveway:


All day Sunday S complained about how much her arm and back muscles hurt.  I had very little sympathy.

I love snow…

I particularly love snow when I have no place to go.  We’ve gotten about a foot of snow in the past 24 hours and it is beautiful.