Random thoughts…

We went to the ‘Burgh last weekend to meet Lil Bud.  She is pretty damned cute.  We took tons of pictures.  I don’t mind saying, thank G_d she looks more like her mother than her father.

Again, driving into Pittsburgh was complete Hell.  I-79 South is being closed for 10 minutes at a time off and on during the day which causes major traffic congestion.  When we finally got to S’s parent’s house, I vowed that we were never again driving to Pittsburgh, but I am sure that vow will be broken.

Trying to leave Pittsburgh is also Hell, no matter what the time of day.

Why doesn’t John McCain have rallies at times when it would be easy for me to attend?

S and I filled out our mail-in ballots last week.  I am going to take them to the Board of Elections office instead of putting them in the mail.  I do not trust the mail.

We both voted NO on all of the ballot issues.  There were five.  Two biggies… one to shut down the Pay-Day lending institutions and one to allow a casino down in Columbus.  I’m against gambling but not against allowing people to get short term loans at outrageous interest rates.

I just remembered that I was supposed to call our vet today.  Totally forgot.  Emma has a huge lump growing on her chest (the size of a turkey breast).  It is probably a fatty tumor, which is common in Labs.  She had one two years ago on her side and had to have surgery.  She seems healthy and it doesn’t seem to be impeding her movement at all, so I haven’t been too worried about it.  But S started freaking out about it this weekend.


Lil’ Bud…

Yesterday morning S and I became aunts for the third time.  Our first “aunthood” on her side of the family though.  We already have two nieces from my brother, DK the Asshat and now we have a new little niece from S’s brother, Gil and his wife Bud.  Happy times!

Now, I’ve been debating on what I am going to call the newest family member when I mention her in the blog.  I could go with Lil’ Bud because so far she looks just like her mother.  But her full name rolls of the tongue sounding like Calamine.  You know, like the lotion.  So, I could call her Calamine, but I’m thinking I like the Lil’ Bud moniker.

We couldn’t make the trip to the ‘Burgh yesterday to meet Lil’ Bud on her first day because S had some school commitments.  The plan is to drive down next Saturday to visit with the whole family.  I can’t wait.  I love new babies.  They are still so small, so sweet and so perfect.

October already…

The last time I posted it was September 16th.  I tried to make a couple of other posts since then but I have been having some computer issues.  And now it is October.

We haven’t done any work on the house as of late.  We need two clear weekends to get started on the kitchen/laundry room floors project.  Those clear weekends are hard to come by.

Squirrels have been coming in through our chimeny, following it all the way down into the basement and then climbing back up into the walls.  When they scratch around in there Rummy goes nuts.  Kind of funny to watch but I am afraid she is going to start trying to tear into the walls to get to them.  S’s dad is going to come up one day this month and put some sort of cap on the top of the chimeny in hopes of stopping the rodent bastards.

I’ve been spending most of my days consumed by the stock market and electoral politics.  Oh, yeah, and football.  My fantasy football teams have gone all to hell due to injuries.  But the Steelers are 3-1 and I am happy.

Overall, though, just sort of glum around here.  The weather is getting colder and I am dreading having to keep the windows closed and turning on the heat.  I like the fresh air.