My resolution last year was to be on top of all birthdays, anniversaries and special occassions and to make sure that an appropriate card made it in the mail on time. 

For the most part, I did pretty well.  The few times I missed the date by a few days or so I can totally blame on S because I was waiting for her to sign the various cards or decide if a gift card needed to be sent along with the greeting card.  I actually sent money filled birthday cards to Shaggy and L this year.  Which was a first.  I think, some years ago we bought L a birthday present but that was when we were actually attending a birthday party for her.  But we have been pretty slack since then.

I mailed birthday cards, birthday presents, anniversary cards, thank you cards, sympathy cards and even a “way to go on that whole baby birthing thing” card.  I was pretty good this year.  Up until Christams that is.  Normally, I forget all the other occassions but come up with a killer Christmas card and have it in the mail by December 5th.  Not this year.  I sucked.  I blew.  The first three weeks of December went by without my having designed a card.  By the 23rd, I ended up just buying some generic cards and mailing as many of them as I had stamps for.  Not everyone got cards that usually do.

So, my 2009 resolution is this:  I shall continue with the 2008 resolution because while I did improve, I did not master it.  This coming year I will send out all of the appropriate occassion cards  on time and I will have my Christmas card, designed, printed and mailed no later than next December 5th. 

My first real trial in this comes just a few days from now.  My brother, MK, has a birthday that is either on the 7th or the 14th and I shall send him a card.  I’ve never sent him one before and last year was the first time I actually called him and left a birthday message.  This year he gets a card.  Maybe even a gift card or something.


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