Happy New Year!

Oh yes, it is 2009 already.  Days, weeks and months just whip by me these days.  The other day I was listening to a discussion about education adjustments due to population decreases and one of the participants noted that the children born in 1991, the last minor birth boom, are just about to graduate from high school this year.  This rocked me to the core because I graduated high school in 1991.  I am now a whole child’s education away from my own high school years.  Where has all of that time gone?

My grandmother passed away last April and it almost seems like it was just a month ago, not eight months ago.  Last February Gil and Bud called to tell us that they were pregnant and we just spent Christmas with the ‘Lil Bud.  It all just flew by.  Every night before I fall asleep I spend a few moments wondering if I am really taking all of this in.  Is time passing so quickly that I am missing out on my life?  Maybe I am too focused on catching every little detail and that is making time whip past even faster.

It is odd to have reached an age in adulthood where other memories created in the years that are adulthood seem like they are so far removed from me that they might as well be just things I read in books or saw in movies.  It’s different to remember things from when you were a child and smaller and under parental control.  But memories from times when you are essentially the same person you are now (within reason) but are so far away, like fifteen or so years ago, well that’s just a  little odd. 

I’ve been with S for almost 12 years now.  Just thinking back to those first two years together is weird.  Go back just a few years more and I was with someone else and friends with totally different people and living a whole other life.  Perhaps it is because I haven’t had a constant other than my family that it feels like those memories belong to someone else.  You know, some people have the same sets of friends throughout the different chapters of their lives and so there are shared memories.  But I have had a different set of friends for each chapter.  I don’t keep people for very long, maybe five years, tops.  So I look back on say, 1994, and I had a different girlfriend, a different job, a different place to live and a whole cast of people that I called friends.  I don’t know that I would even recognize some of those people now.

Anyway, enough about that.  We’re having a very low key New Year’s Day here in the Renovations household.  S has spent some time playing the guitar and now she is in the office playing her sax.  A musical day for her.  I made some pork and kraut for good luck.  I’ve been trying to watch the Rose Bowl, but it is a blood bath and that’s just not fun. 

Last night was pretty low key as well.  We stayed in and did our drinking the cheap and safe way, no driving.  S’s family called after their midnight fireworks.  Oh and we played Beer Pong.  I can’t decide if it was cool or sad that two thirty-somethings hung out alone playing a college game.  Tuns out I am pretty good at the game and S is not much of a drinker.  We could only play one round before she was lit.  I actually had to ask for permission to drink some of my cups because I didn’t want them to get warm before she landed a ball in them.  Good times.


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