As seen on TV…

For years I was obsessed with watching the infomercial for the GT Xpress 101

It is a sandwich maker thing with two deep wells that cook the food on both sides at the same time.  During the infomercial an older woman demonstrates about 2 dozen recipes that can be cooked in about 9 minutes in the GT Xpress 101.  She makes salmon with a side of wild rice.  She makes omelets.  She makes angel food cakes with strawberries inside them.  She makes use of leftover meatloaf and garlic bread.  She makes breakfast burritos with your restaurant leftovers.  She makes those Pillsbury cinnamon rolls in less time than it takes to heat up a standard oven.  Essentially, she makes anything and everything you can dream of.

Anytime I happened to flip to a channel that had the GT Xpress 101 infomercial on, I watched it.  I’ve probably seen it all the way through about 100 times.  But, I’ve never really ordered anything off of the television before, no matter how obsessed I was with the product.  That all changed one day last January.  I went online and purchased the GT Xpress 101.  Actually, because of the way the product is sold, I bought two for the price of one but had to pay the shipping on both which is where I was taken for a ride.  After I ordered the product I started reading reviews of it on various websites and I got freaked out.  Half of the reviews were horrible.  Some people said that the GT Xpress 101 was total junk.  Others said that not only was it junk, but it took three months to arrive.  Needless to say, I totally freaked because I had just spent $70+ on it.

Due to the awful reviews, I half expected the GT Xpress to never arrive.  And if it ever arrived, it wouldn’t work.  But, it did arrive, about two days beyond what I was told to expect (16 days).  And, it worked.  It made everything that the infomercial said it would.  It made amazing burritos.  S and I cooked in it everyday, several times a day for three months.  It made these great breakfast sandwiches with a raw canned biscuit, an egg, two slices of bacon and a handful of cheddar.  I cannot express just how much I love the GT Xpress 101.

Of course, the novelty eventually wore off and we use it a lot less than we did when we first got it.  I still love it and it still works, but now I am crazy about this wok that S’s grandma gave me.  I wok the house.  I wok my world.  But every now and again, I still whip out the GT Xpress 101.

The thing is, I have a whole new As Seen on TV obsession.  It is the Sham Wow!  I am fascinated by the Sham Wow!  I need a Sham Wow!  I just haven’t gotten around to ordering one yet.  I had been putting it off, sort of like I did with the GT Xpress 101 but the other day, while waiting for my pictures to be developed at Walgreens, I found that they sell the Sham Wow!

I will be buying one in the coming days.

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