2008/2009 NFL Playoff Predictions…

I didn’t do this last year but I thought I might add it this year.  And since I am sitting on the couch wearing my Hines Ward jersey, I have got football on my mind.

Yesterday was the end of the NFL regular season and the playoffs (I don’t suppose the NFL owns that word, right?) begin next Saturday.  Excitement abounds in the Renovations household as the Pittsburgh Steelers are the #2 seed in the AFC.  I do wish the Chicago Bears had made it in, but they didn’t.  And I wish the San Deigo Chargers hadn’t made it in, but they did.  G_d, I hate that Phillip Rivers…

So, here are my predictions for the rest of the season.  This is purely for fun, not for wagers.  And I am probably going to be totally wrong…

In the AFC:

The Colts will beat the Chargers next week.

The Ravens will beat the Dolphins next week.

The following week, the Colts will beat the Titans and the Ravens will lose to my Steelers.

The Colts and the Steelers will meet in Pisstburgh for the AFC Championship game and the Steelers will prevail.

Over in the NFC:

The Falcons will beat the Cardinals next week.

The Eagles will beat the Vikings next week.

The following week, the Panthers will beat the Falcons and the Giants will beat the Eagles.

The Panthers will meet up with the Giants in New Jersey and the Giants will prevail.

Finally, the Steelers and the Giants will meet up for The Big Game (because the NFL does own “that” word) and the Steelers will beat the Giants like they should have done during the regular season.  Probably James Harrison will be the MVP, unless the league is biased against giving it to a defensive player.


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