Rested and ready, part two…

Okay, so in late November the S family threw a “surprise” party for S’s 30th birthday.  The reason I put surprise in quotes is because I was in on the planning the whole time and I know that S hates surprises so I kept her informed every step of the way.  I’m not a stupid woman and I knew I would have to live with her after the party was over.  I made the decision to be an informant because I wanted to save my own skin.  You can judge me if you want, but I had to do it.

For some strange reason the entire S family (S  excluded) loves to throw surprise parties.  In fact, the only party that they throw that is not a surprise party is their New Year’s Eve party and that is just because of the logistics.  Both brothers proposed to their now-wives at surprise parties.  Both parents have had multiple surprise parties.  The grandparents were thrown a surprise 50th anniversary party.  And the surprise parties also must have themes, often elaborate themes.  Usually involving costumes of some sort.

When they approached me back in July about a surprise party for S, I kind of balked a bit.  I knew she would hate any kind of party but a surprise party more than any other kind.  But, I was totally rolled.  This party was happening whether I was involved or not.  Hell, this party was happening whether S was involved or not.  That is just how the S family rolls.

They did consult me on the theme and the guest list.  I suggested either a Harry Potter theme or a physics theme.  Both ideas were shot down.  The theme ended up being 30th birthday, which seemed to work out well with the decorations and such.  The guest list was more difficult and I lost that fight.  S is not fond of large groups of people.  Also, she is only close to a handful of people in her extended family.  I rattled off the names of those people and only a few of them made the 25+ guest list.  There ended up being cousins in attendence that I know S hadn’t even seen in the 11 years that we have been together.  And yet, there were a couple of cousins missing that S would have loved to have seen.

I was badgered relentlessly by S’s mom to invite S’s friends from here in the Northern Ohio area.  But the party was in Pittsburgh.  And Pittsburgh is at least two and a half hours away from where we and our friends live.  And the party was the weekend before Thanksgiving.  I wasn’t about to extend invitations to people to drive that far the weekend before they traveled to their holiday destinations.  Mrs. S feels like I really let her down by not getting any of S’s friends to the party.  I feel like I kept S from going ballistic and murdering us all by not inviting any of her friends.


Even though S was fully aware of all of the party details, I still had to pretend that she was not.  We got into Pittsburgh about an hour before the party started and Mrs. S begged me to kill some time before bringing S to the house.  No problem.  I took S down to the Pitt campus because she wanted to get some new pictures of her favorite building to hang in our dining room.  That would be the Cathedral of Learning, her favorite building in the world. 

My favorite building on Pitt’s campus is the Heinz Chapel


After we took our pictures we went and got some coffee at a Sheetz where I purchased yet another Steelers travel mug.  S and I made up a story that she was to tell her family after they yelled “surprise” wherein she would pretend that she got mad at me for driving her all over the city when we were supposed to be getting to her parent’s house for a pre-Thanksgiving meal.  Her family totally ate that story up.  She really sold it, to the point where we both even started to believe it.  And it made the whole S family thrilled that they had pulled off yet another surprise party.

So, yes, S is now 30 years old, and it came as no surprise.



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