Rested and ready, part one…

Okay, so it took me longer to recover from that election debacle than I had expected.  I was far too upset to blog and so I did not. 

But I think I’m ready to give this another go.  During my sabatical I missed my first ever blogging anivesary.  I should try to honor that at some point.

Anyway, what have I been doing in my off-line time?  Lots.

First, I should mention that I never actually got around to posting about our September trip to the Yankee Peddler festival with S’s mom and dad.  Good times. 


Here we are, entering the festival at about noon that day.  As soon as we got inside, S and her mom bought an apple dumpling with ice cream and offered to share it with the whole group.  I don’t like communal eating, so I said a polite “no thank you” and S’s dad doesn’t so much care for sweets.  The thing is, he totally took a bite and that is the point where it turned into the trip from Hell.  There was a bee under his spoonful of dumpling goodness.  The bee ended up in his mouth.  It stung him inside his mouth.  It stung him on his lips as he spat it out.


So, within twenty minutes of entering the Yankee Peddler festival, we headed to the First Aid tent.  The paramedics on hand were not all that helpful but they did give Mr. S some ice for his face.  At first, beyond the pain, Mr. S seemed unfazed by the stings.  But ten minutes after we left the First Aid tent his lips started to swell up.  I resisted laughter even though both S and her mom found the sight funnier than Comedy Central.  Okay, when I sat down with Mr. S to eat some fine, fine bean soup and he couldnt reall eat without some G_d awful slurping, I did kind of laugh.

Once his cheeks started to swell up larger than his lips, we had to leave the festival so we could get him some Benedryl.  Yeah, we were back in the car before 2:00.  Normally, Yankee Peddler is an all day afair, but not for us this year.


And this is what Mr. S looked like on the ride home.  Of course, we took pitures.  We took pictures on the camera phone too and sent them to the whole S family.

Yankee Peddler was a total bust this year.

I shall continue my adventures in another post.


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