Lil’ Bud…

Yesterday morning S and I became aunts for the third time.  Our first “aunthood” on her side of the family though.  We already have two nieces from my brother, DK the Asshat and now we have a new little niece from S’s brother, Gil and his wife Bud.  Happy times!

Now, I’ve been debating on what I am going to call the newest family member when I mention her in the blog.  I could go with Lil’ Bud because so far she looks just like her mother.  But her full name rolls of the tongue sounding like Calamine.  You know, like the lotion.  So, I could call her Calamine, but I’m thinking I like the Lil’ Bud moniker.

We couldn’t make the trip to the ‘Burgh yesterday to meet Lil’ Bud on her first day because S had some school commitments.  The plan is to drive down next Saturday to visit with the whole family.  I can’t wait.  I love new babies.  They are still so small, so sweet and so perfect.


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