October already…

The last time I posted it was September 16th.  I tried to make a couple of other posts since then but I have been having some computer issues.  And now it is October.

We haven’t done any work on the house as of late.  We need two clear weekends to get started on the kitchen/laundry room floors project.  Those clear weekends are hard to come by.

Squirrels have been coming in through our chimeny, following it all the way down into the basement and then climbing back up into the walls.  When they scratch around in there Rummy goes nuts.  Kind of funny to watch but I am afraid she is going to start trying to tear into the walls to get to them.  S’s dad is going to come up one day this month and put some sort of cap on the top of the chimeny in hopes of stopping the rodent bastards.

I’ve been spending most of my days consumed by the stock market and electoral politics.  Oh, yeah, and football.  My fantasy football teams have gone all to hell due to injuries.  But the Steelers are 3-1 and I am happy.

Overall, though, just sort of glum around here.  The weather is getting colder and I am dreading having to keep the windows closed and turning on the heat.  I like the fresh air.


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