Dear Postal Worker…

I am writing to you again because I have some concerns.  You see, I’ve gotten past the fact that you delivered S’s saxophone during our kitchen remodel, thus distracting her from our work.  Yes, at the time I was rather hard on you and I didn’t think I would get over it, but I did.

But now I have some new concerns to bring to your attention.  I’ve noticed lately that in front of some post offices here in the Cleveland area there are signs that read “Postal Workers For Obama“.  Which I suppose is fine, you can support whichever candidate suits your union.  But I don’t know that is such a good idea for a vital public service that is partially funded through tax money to be advocating in such a manner.  It just makes me nervous. 

You see, I subscribe to National Review magazine, which comes bi-weekly.  I used to get it promptly, ever other Monday.  But lately, my magazine comes late.  Sometimes a week late.  And I know, having contacted National Review, that the problem is not on their end. 

Since Senator Obama clinched the Democrat primary back in June, National Review has featured him on the cover of the magazine with titles such as “Who Is Barack Obama” and “The Truth About Community Organizing” among others.  Not flattering to your chosen candidate.  So, what with your campaigning for the man, I am left to wonder if my magazine distribution is being jammed because you don’t want to distribute negative information about your candidate. 

Hey, don’t get mad… I’m just asking a question.   And I’m only asking because you are openly favoring one candidate over another.  See the problem?

Oh, and another thing.  Pay close attention because this is a much bigger deal.  On Saturday when you brought my mail, you brought me an envelope that wasn’t sealed by the sender.  It just contained a flier for a community pottery class, so the envelope was tucked in, not sealed.  The thing is, when I took out the flier a smaller, sealed envelope also came out.  It was someone else’s mail.  It was a piece of mail that you must have picked up from their mail box to take back to the post office to process. 

Accidents happen, of course, but the thing is, by looking at the address on the front of the envelope, I could see that it was addressed to a mortgage company.  It was someone’s mortgage payment.  And you brought it to my house, not the post office.  Yeah, big screw up.  Don’t worry, when I realized what you had done, I drove it up to the post office and put it in the mail slot myself.  I don’t mind helping out, especially when it comes to somebody’s mortgage payment, but you should be more careful in the future.

So, now I am afraid of you.  Not just you, but the whole post office system.  You’re participating in candidate advocacy in a country that is pretty well divided on the candidates….  You’re delivering my political magazines late…  You’re playing a little fast and loose with mortgage payments…


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