Football thoughts…

What in the hell happened to my beloved WVU team?!  So very, very sad.  I thought my mother would call me to commiserate, but she hasn’t yet.  I fear she has sunk into a major football depression.  That Skip Holtz is good.  Very good.  My mother is still a Lou Holtz hater from his time at Notre Dame…  With a new Holtz generation she must be in hell.

The Pittsburgh Steelers looked very good on Sunday.  Sure, they were playing the Houston Texans, but the defense was active and Willie Parkerscored 3 rushing TDs and Big Benthrew for 2 TDS.  I am optimistic about this season.  Sure, it’s the first week, but I think the Steelers are going to take the AFC North without much competition.  The Browns were going to lose to the Cowboys no matter what, but I didn’t expect that they would play so badly.  And, wow, the Bengals suck.

The last second TD in the Carolina Panthers win over the Chargers was exciting even though I don’t care much for either team.  But G_d, I sure do love my NFL Sunday Ticketfrom DirecTV…

I am heartsick for Tom Brady.  As much pain as he has caused me and my beloved Steelers, I still respect the hell out of the guy.  However, I do not feel the least bit sad for the Patriots.  I hate them.  But watch, they will probably find some way to still win their division and make the playoffs.  Bastards.  If something horrible were to happen to my beloved Big Ben, the Steelers would wither and die with Byron Leftwich as the back up.  He was horrible in the 4th quarter mop up yesterday.

You know, I really don’t care for watching football games played on fields that are also baseball fields, ie, the Raiders and the Dolphins.  It is not visually pleasing.

After watching Ohio State on Saturday, I feel pretty confident in saying they are going to get a spanking next week when they play USC.

Notre Dame’s QB, Jimmy Clausen, needs a hair cut.


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