Water is important…

We haven’t had much rain here in northeast Ohio during the month of August.  We had maybe two days with some rain, but it always came early in the morning and lasted just an hour or two.  Our grass is almost all brown now.  A lot of our plants are suffering. 

I don’t water the lawn like some people choose to do.  I feel guilty when I hook up the sprinkler and turn on the faucet.  I’ve tried it a couple of times, but usually, after a few minutes, I run back outside and turn off the water.  There are people on this earth who quench their thirst in the same filthy water where they and animals bathe.  There are people on this earth who have very limited access to water, water that they require just to survive.  Knowing those things, I have a difficult time watering my lawn and even my garden.  It seems selfish. 

Not that I am totally judging everyone else who chooses to water their lawns.  Them I judge only a little bit.  But if my family needed to survive on food grown in our garden, I would certainly water then.  I don’t know, maybe it is silly.  I just can’t get past that guilty feeling.

Over the weekend we had a problem with our plumbing and our water supply.  We actually ended up being without water for several days.  It was really difficult to not be able to wash my hands as often as I like or wash dishes as needed.  We couldn’t flush the toilets, which became disgusting faster than I could have imagined.  We couldn’t shower.  We had to purchase a dozen gallons of water from the Wal-Mart so that we could have drinking water for ourselves and the dogs.  We used it to clean ourselves as much as possible and S made the valiant effort to use it to wash her hair in the sink.  She is lucky to have short hair at the moment.  I couldn’t have tried it because my hair is too long and too thick.  I would never have gotten it rinsed.

The whole not being able to shower thing wasn’t horrible the first two days, but by the third day it was unbearable.  On the fourth day S started to freak out and I needed to come up with a plan.  I found the cheapest, closest motel and we checked in for the sole purpose of taking showers and using a toilet that flushed.  I wanted to check out as soon as we finished, but S said no.  She wanted the option of going back for a second shower and she didn’t like the idea or renting a motel room for an hour because that is so uncouth.  I didn’t really care, I just wanted her to be happy and making her happy at that moment was getting her clean.  We didn’t end up going back for the second round of showers though.

I drove back out to the motel this morning to check out.  $50.51 for two showers.  Not so bad considering S said the shower was the best feeling she’d ever had.  I hope she was exaggerating.

As of ten this morning, our water supply problem is repaired.  Thank you G_d.  I’ve been washing dishes, washing clothes and flushing the toilets like a crazy person since then.  I love water.


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