Keeping up with the older democrats…

My mother, a 70 year old West Virgininian, was a Hillary Clinton supporter.  She believed all the way to last Thursday that Hillary would somehow end up with the nomination.  But that didn’t happen.  My mother is also not fond of Barack Obama and is worried about his lack of specificity when it comes to what “change” and “hope” are going to mean for people like her.  It also didn’t help that the Obama campaign, with the help of the media, made West Virginia out to be a state full of stupid hillbillies whose votes shouldn’t matter.

S’s grandparents are in their 70’s and they live in Pennsylvania.  They were Hillary supporters and really believed that she would somehow end up with the nomination.  They have long been offended by Michelle Obama’s“first time I am proud of my country…” line, as they are both extremely proud of their country and have lived the quintessential American dream. 

Taking their political pulses over the past few months, I had predicted that S’s grandparents would stay home on election day and that my mother would pull the lever for McCain, because hey- she likes him more than I do.  But when I spoke to my mother on Friday night, she said with a sigh that she felt she had to vote for the democrats.  She is not enthused about it and didn’t say she was voting for Obama/Biden, but that she was going to vote for the democrats.  I was disheartened, but I still have 60 days to work on her.

Last night, S spoke with her grandmother who was railing on the Republicans because they want to raise taxes.  That was confusing, but then she said that she was voting for “Baracka” which means she knows his name just about as well as Joe Biden does.

Here’s my theory…  I think my mother and S’sgrandparents were totally swayed not by the speech at the Parthanon, but by the speech in the convention center by Ted Kennedy.  It was a heroic effort on his part.  And even I got a bit choked up by it.  I truly believe that it was his call for support of Obama and keeping the dream alive that got into the hearts of older democrat voters.


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