Again with the fishing…

When the revolution comes and we have to go back to hunting and gathering for our food and livelihoods, I am going to rely entirely on S to provide us with fish.  The problem is that neither of us has an appreciation of fish as food.  We love them as pets.  We love them as an outdoorsy sport.  We just don’t love to eat them.  That will have to change come the revolution, as it is the only thing we know how to do.

We went back out to Punderson Lake again on Wednesday.  The fishing report said that it would be “excellent” from 11:30 to 12:30.  I really only want to go when the conditions are “excellent” because it increases the chances that I might catch something.  S doesn’t care.  She will go when the conditions are “fair” or “poor” or straight up say “hey there are no fish in this lake” because she loves the fishing.

Now, we have fished from a row boat and we have fished from a “pier” in the campground area, but this time we thought we would try fishing from the docks in the marina.  I’ve seen lots of people fishing there so I assumed it was a good spot.  When we first got there, we were the only people on the dock.  Lots of people were out on the lake in boats though.

When I think of the word marina, I almost always picture a large area with docks and big boats.  The Punderson marina is not that kind of marina.  Sure, there is a slope for putting personal boats in the water and docks for row boats and a boat house, but I would probably just call it the Punderson Boat House, not marina.

We didn’t have much luck for the first half hour or so.  Our worms kept getting eaten off of the hooks but the fish were too smart to get caught on the hooks.  S switched our usual hooks out for a smaller size and a few minutes after that, she caught this fish.  She informed me that it was a Perch and that she was surprised to have caught one because they prefer cooler temps.  However, it has been in the 70’s every day for the past couple of weeks, so maybe that is cool enough.

Even though we have been having a cool August, all of the days have been spectacular.  The skies have been blue and the clouds have been for decoration not precipitation.  A couple of days have had rain, but it comes in the early morning hours and is just enough to water the plants and keep the grass green.  Afterwards the sky clears up and we are blessed with beautiful days.

S’s second catch of the day was this little Bluegill.  I still hadn’t caught anything other than lake weeds.  But I was very good at cathcing the lake weeds.  I pulled in a real heavy one that was this _                         – long.

S also caught this big, ugly Catfish.  It was too heavy to get it completely out of the water and we hadn’t brought along our net, so she just got the hook out and let him go without getting a full picture.

Not much past one o’clock tons of people started to arrive at the marina to fish from the docks.  It was nice to see so many people fishing, but a few of them encroached on my little fishing area and I was no longer able to cast out without getting myself wrapped around their lines.  Annoying, really.  So I pulled in my line and started taking pictures instead of fishing.  Not so bad since I hadn’t caught anything anyway.  The above picture needed to be taken because it was a very touching father/son fishing trip.  I love that kind of thing.

This guy has the look of a real angler.  He had all the right equipment and he had great form.  However, I don’t recall seeing him reel anything in.  Still, he looked really good at what he was doing.

The last catch of the day was this itty-bitty Bluegill.  It was the last catch of the day because S started getting freaked out by a snake that she claims was near her end of the dock.  I say claims because I never actually saw the snake.  Three or four times I jumped up and went over to where she was sitting to see the snake but each time, it had gone back under the water.  S was acting all girly, jumping up on the dock bench and pointing in the general direction of the snake.  I didn’t believe her.  But then a guy who was fishing nearby claimed to see it and I had to believe them both, even though I still hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.

The snake thing shook S up quite a bit and she was done with the whole fishing trip.  That was fine with me since it had been an hour since I had even had a line in the water.  The car ride home was kind of smelly though.  S hadn’t used our special gloves when she unhooked her fish, so her hands smelled like a wharf worker. 

I have promised S that the fishing trips out to Punderson Lake will continue until it is too cold to sit outside for long periods of time.  I have promised to give her free reign of our Saturdays and even some Fridays throughout the fall.  I made those promises even though it is college football season.  These are the promises we make when we are in love.


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