More Lake View Cemetery Photos…

So, here we go with another set of photos from our little trip to the Lake View Cemetery in Cleveland, Ohio.  If you missed the first post full of photos from the James A. Garfield Memorial, click here.

This is the grave marker for Edwin Benedict.  No idea who he was, but the carved stone book on top caught my eye.

S took this photo which looks cool with all of the grave markers layered on top of one another.  Obelisks are quite a popular choice for the well off, it seems.

This is the grave of John Milton Hay who was a US Secretary of State from 1898 to 1905.  He was the one who put forth the “open doors” policy with China.  And now they are hosting the Olympics.  They should thank him.

The “blessed are the dead” verse was on more than a dozen graves that we saw yesterday.

Here lies Silas Stafford Stone who died in Cleveland on February 18, 1884.  And his wife commissioned this very fancy grave marker for him.

I guess that if you start the Standard Oil Company are are worth a billion dollars when you die, there is no other choice but to have your family cemetary plots marked with a giant obelisk.  Yep, this is where the Rockefellers are buried.  Some of them anyway.


And once you have the big, imposing obelisk, you can go with a more subtle headstone.

I like to call this one The Valley of Death.

This grave marker was the most interesting.  It was commissioned by the children of Jennett Betts.

This is the gravestone of W.S.C. Otis.

With two semesters of art history on transcipts, you might be surprised that I am just guessing that there are corinthian columns.  It is highly probable that I am wrong.

This is a sculpture on the front of a mausoleum that belongs to someone with the last name Burke.


Oh yes, there will be more photos in yet another post…





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