Lake View Cemetery…

Yesterday S and I took quite a nice walk around the Lake View Cemetery in Cleveland, Ohio.  Although, it is such a big cemetary that I think that parts of it cross into two or three surrounding cities…  As we were driving around it, I thought it was a beautiful place, but once we parked and started to walk around, it was even better.  Neither of us had any real clue about what a big deal this cemetary is until recently.  It is amazing how many civic luminaries are buried there.

Our first stop on our self-guided walking tour was the James A. Garfield Memorial (20th US President):

This is the outside, pretty impressive:

There are some pretty intricate designs on the building, like this:

But that is nothing compared to the cool things inside.  The floors are mosaic all the wall through and there are stained glass windows around the main floor that represent all of the states in the time of Garfield.  Of course, no memorial would be complete without a statue:

The ceiling above this statue is also mosaic and gold:

From the main floor of the memorial, you have two options:  you can go down to the crypt or up to the balcony.  First, we went down:

Those were some groovy stairs.  They led down to the crypt, where the bodies of James Garfield and his wife are:

There is also a very nice, very clean bathroom down there.  Overall though, it was kind of creepy.

We started to go up the tiny, winding spiral stairs to get to the balcony, but they were making me a bit dizzy.  Also, I am afraid of heights and sometimes get a bloody nose in high places, so I stopped midway and went back down to the main floor.  S made the entire trek up the stairs and out onto the balcony.  Here is the view from up there:

It was a hazy day, but I am sorry I missed out on that view.  But while S was taking that picture, I was on the main floor cheacking out the display of old newspapers featuring President Garfield:

After she came back downstairs, we went outside and walked around the memorial.  I took this picture from as close to the building as I could get, looking up:

And S took this picture of a door that she thought was really “odd”.  I didn’t think there was anything all that odd about it, but I humored her anyway:

I was a little surprised that while we were touring the museum there were also about 20 or so other people there as well.  And there were even more people walking around the grounds of the cemetery.  Big tourist attraction, I suppose.

I’m going to post some of the other pictures we took in another post.


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