Back to school…

I’m finding it difficult to deal with the fact that S will be heading back to work after next week.  This was the first summer she didn’t spend working some second job or working on a paid project and I thought it would give us long, lazy days.  But no.  The days flew by even faster than usual.  I was able to take them for granted because we had so many more of them than ever before.

So, just two more days this week and five days next week.  Saturdays and Sundays do not count over the summer.  Well, they count when we are forced to spend them in some way not of our choosing, like next weekend, for example.  We’ll be going to the ‘Burgh on Friday to help prepare for Budd’s baby shower and then we’ll spend part of Saturday at the shower and then drive down to West Virginia to spend an evening doing chores for my mother.  We’ll come back home on Sunday, but Sunday will be a school night, as S will be starting the new school year the next morning.

Actually, the Friday that we are driving to the ‘Burgh, S will spend part of the day at her school getting her classroom ready.  Apparently there will be no time for such things once the school year starts, so it has to be done before.  And the Tuesday of that week she has to attend a function for her doctoral program.  It’s an evening thing, I think, but it is still stolen summer time.

Between now and the end of the summer I have promised to take her fishing as much as she desires.  She desires it a lot in case you were wondering.  And we’re going to go down to the Wade Oval for one last WOW event.  And we’re going to go tour a cemetary that is the final resting place of Elliot Ness and President Garfield, among others.  And we have recently started renting $1 movies from the Redbox kiosks, which is really cool.  Sometimes, we get the movies for free by using a code and that, my friends, is even cooler.

I don’t want this summer break to end and I hate that it ends on a busy, out of town weekend.  Speaking of which, I don’t think I should have to attend the baby shower.  I shoudldn’t have to attend showers of any sort.  I had to go to the bridal showers of Budd and Luci, which were hell.  I am not a shower person.  And being the “butcher” member of this couple, I think I should be exempted from showers just like boyfriends and husbands are.  This has not been a compelling argument for S or her family.

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