You will have to pardon me if I seem to have football on the brain these days.  It’s been a long off season and the wait for the new season is just about killing me.

In anticipation of what I am sure is going to be a tremendous year for the Pittsburgh Steelers, I shall now share with you photos from my trip to the Pro Football Hall of Fame last summer.

Last year was the team’s 75th anniversaryso the HOF had a spectacular display of Steelers items, in addition to the HOF busts which are regularly on display.

I used to love when Jerome Bettiswould break a big run and I would jump up and down and yell at the television, “Run, Fatboy, run!!!!”

I don’t care how stupid people say he is, I love Terry Bradshaw.  When I was a kid, I always hoped my mother would meet Terry and marry him so that he would be my dad.  Then I found out he was a crappy husband and I am now glad that they didn’t get married.

When I was in college, one of my roommates was the daughter of Rocky Bleier and a couple of times she took me home with her for dinner and what-not.  I got to meet Rocky, which was cool since I grew up thinking he was amazing and I drank out of a McDonald’s glass with his picture on it.  He’s the one my mother really wanted to get to meet and marry.

And who doesn’t love a little Mean Joe Green?

I lived in Dayton, Ohio the year that Big Ben was playing his last year at Miami of Ohio, so I got to watch his games on Saturdays.  When the Steelers drafted him the following April, I knew he was going to be very, very good.  Of course, I didn’t know he liked to ride his motorcycles without a helmet…

Art Rooney was football’s answer to Yoda.

Terry Bradshaw, back when he still had some hair on the top of his head.

Franco Harris, the great.

One day, I am going to have sons and I am going to name one Chuck Noll and the other William Cowher.  The jury is still out on a Michael Tomlin

I think his bust totally captured his “meaness”.

And in case you forgot, we’ve got five of these babies…  Go Steelers!!!!


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