Summer is for fishing…

S insisted on going fishing Thursday evening.  The fishing report was rated excellentfrom 6:00 to 7:30 pm and she didn’t want to miss out on that.  Who can blame her?  Well, I could since it was the first night of pre-season football and I had a strip steak ready for grilling and a massive storm was coming in off of Lake Erie…  Fishing was not really what I had planned, but I went along with her anyway because she loves to fish and summer is winding down for her.

We drive back out to Punderson Lake where we had such good fishing luck two weeks ago. It was too late in the evening to rent a row boat, so we went to the fishing pier by the campgrounds.  It is call a pier but it really isn’t more than a six foot wide, three foot deep dock.  It had bench seats which were nice, but when we were joined on the “pier” by two teenage boys, it made for close quarters.

That’s S getting our hooks baited up.  But once the boys joined us, I felt like I had to put my own worms on my hooks so that I didn’t seem like too much of a girl.  And every time I cast my line in, I actually prayed that I wouldn’t catch anything because I didn’t want to have to un-hook fish by myself.

The sky was surreal that evening. 

This is the back rim of Punderson Lake which we didn’t get to last time in the row boat.  Beautiful.  And the fish were biting like crazy.  S caught two little Bluegills, which I didn’t take pictures of because, again, I didn’t want to seem like such a girl to those teen aged boys.  I didn’t catch anything that evening.  Apparently the fish were small and we should have gone down a couple of sizes in hooks because they were able to eat the worms clean off of the big hooks without getting caught.  So, basically I just fed the fish for an hour.

There were a couple of people kayaking on the lake.  I’ve heard some people disparage kayaking on a lake, saying it is boring, but I find it relaxing.  And it is much easier than using a canoe or row boat.  Sure, kayaking on rougher waters is fun, but not at all what I would call relaxing.

Punderson State Park, in addition to having a nice campground, also has an inn, which is supposed to be quite nice.  You can see it in the above picture as it was on the opposite side of the lake from where we were fishing.  We happened to mention having been out at Punderson to some friends of S’s and one of the friends told us that she used to work at the inn and that it is haunted.  She claims that she has seen a ghost there and that when she worked there people would complain about loud piano playing late at night and well, there isn’t a piano in the inn.  Now S is obsessed with going there for an overnight.  She likes to be scared by the supernatural.

We ran out of worms after about an hour and it seemed like the storm was getting closer, so we packed up our gear to head back to the car.  When we got back to our car there was a rainbow right above us.

It took about 25 minutes to get back to our house and by that time the skies were alight with lighting and then the heaven’s opened up.  Grilling my steak was totally out of the question and the pre-season game here in Cleveland was delayed for over an hour.  But I did get to see Brady Quinn lead a touchdown drive, which is all I really wanted to see.  Well, I did want to see him air one out for about fifty yards, but that play was never called.

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