More free Cleveland…

S and I went to the Cleveland Metro Zoo today.  Good fun.  On Monday’s the zoo is free for residents of Cuyahoga county, which is great since regular admission is $10 for adults.  We’ve been to the zoo here more than a few times and it is always a good time.  Way better than the Pittsburgh zoo.  The animal exhibits seem better suited for the animals and yet great for viewing of the animals. 

We got a much later start on our day than expected, so we didn’t get to spend as much time at the zoo as we usually do.  Zoo hours, which are pretty important to know, are 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.  We didn’t get there until after 3:00.  And by that point, many of the animals were “done” for the day, inside their private spots unable to be seen.  But we did get to see some good stuff.  The primate center was pretty active and we ended up taking video footage of a good primate fight club event.  I think they were Howler Monkeys, but I don’t remember exactly.

Here is a shot of the African elephant:

He was just hanging outside by himself, contemplating whether or not to toss his dung on the people gawking at him.  The other elephants were inside their building eating tree branches, which we got to see when we went inside.  Even though the outside of the exhibit is supposed to replicate Africa, I tend to like seeing them inside better because they are usually eating or getting hosed down and there is more activity.

Also in the pachyderm building, the Red River Hog, which is new to the zoo this summer:

The hippo was also inside, which was not good because he/she is much better in his outside pool area:

And there is this goofy little animal that I love called a Capybarra, which is the world’s largest rodent:

He was eating what looked to be a bowl of lettuce.

I am convinced that this is not a real koala.  I believe it is a stuffed toy that is mechanized like a Teddy Ruxpin doll.  He has been sitting in that same tree every time we have gone to the zoo.  He is always sitting in that position and he is always asleep.  And every time I say the words, “I don’t think that’s real” he moves his head ever so slightly, as if on cue.

There is a new zoo policy in effect this year.  It used to be that when you walked through the Australian Outback you were up close to the kangaroos and the zoo trainran right through the exhibit.  This year the kangas are fenced off from both the people and the train.  It seems that over the years the train would nip a tail or two that happened to be laying on the tracks.  But last year it nipped more than a few tails and a policy change had to be made.  Sure, it is better for the kangas, but not as enjoyable for me.

The lemurs are S’s favorite animals at the zoo.  Hell, they are her favorite animals in the whole wide world.  They were pretty active today which pleased her to no end.

This is an ugly monkey.  Speaking of ugly, the primate house on free Mondays is just an ugly situation.  Too many people.  Too many children.  Too many strollers and wagons.  Too much screeching.  Too much yelling.  Too much pounding on the glass to get the animals to react.  I long to go through the primate house on a Wednesday, after school is back in session.

This is a really big turtle.  Normally he is in his little pond and you can’t see much but his shell.  But today he was on dry land and that was a thrill.  Okay, not so much a thrill but kind of cool.

Oh, I forgot to put this picture in with the Australian Outback section.  This is a Parma Wallaby.  And I swear to G_d that I saw one of these dart across the road a couple of weeks ago in our neighborhood.  S thinks I am crazy and possibly having some sort of brain function issue.

It was a hot day today and I have no idea why the polar bear was not swimming around in the cool waters.

But he sure was cute.  And he put on a bit of a show with his cute-ness.

The little swimming seals were so cute that I just wanted to club them…  Just kidding.  Yeah, S hates that joke when I make it too.  Especially when we are within earshot of small children.

This seal was being lazy.

This seal was making a face just like our Emma does when she first wakes up in the morning.  We call it her “so sleepy” face.

And this is a pciure of the rare Blue Mouthed Adult Icee Drinker:


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