Juvenile antics…

S’s brother, el Jeffe and his wife, Luci, came for a short visit over the weekend.  They seemed to really like the house and have a good time hanging out with us.  Enjoyable all around.

When we started out the door to take them to dinner we had to pause so that we could ask el Jeffe to change his shirt.  It’s not that we were going some place fancy… we were going to our favorite sports bar.  But this is what he was wearing:

We are a Steelers loving family, but you can’t go into a sports bar in the Cleveland area wearing a shirt like that.  Seriously, people will spit in your food.

While we were out we went into a cool retro toy store which also had a large gag gift section.  el Jeffe is a big fan of gag gifts and all things disgusting really.  He picked up a pack of jelly beans that have some normal flavors and some disgusting flavors and bought them.  I hoped he would just take them home with them and feed them to other friends and family, but no.  Later that night we all sat around the dining room table playing a rather weird game with the beans.

Just daring each other to eat the beans wasn’t satisfaction enough.  No, we had to have rock-paper-scissor battles wherein the winner would get to pick which bean the loser had to eat.

Sometimes the loser would get lucky and get a good bean, like S, who didn’t really have to eat anything disgusting all night long…

The serene face of S when she got a pear bean instead of a booger bean.

That’s Luci making el Jeffesmell the baby wipe bean which really did taste and smell like baby wipes.

That’s the face el Jeffe made when he got the moldy cheese bean.  And since I ate one too, I can assure you that it was horrible and pungent.  The flavor stays with you for almost an hour.

And I was the unfortunate victim of the vomit bean.  My G_d that was awful.

Another cool thing about the weekend visit — Luci brought S a guitar.  Some boyfriend from college had given it to her and she never learned to play and hadn’t touched the thing in years.  Since S has been getting all musical lately, Luci thought S should have the guitar. 

We have now had the guitar in our possession for a little over 24 hours and S has taught herself to play that song “Hey There Delilah” by the Plain White Tees.  Very proud.  I’m going to learn to play it too.

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  1. Interesting Read! Very detailed blog,thanks for sharing

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