Fishing expedition…

It’s summer and we are not really working on the house like I thought we would.  Yes, we’ve been working in the garden and tending to the gutters, but mostly we have been having fun.  We’re taking regular evening walks around the neighborhood now, trying to get me in shape for the Race For the Cure.  The dogs are enjoying it and we’ve really been getting to know our neighborhood, something we have sort of neglected for the past year.

S and I both enjoy fishing.  We’d both grown up in families that fished and a couple of years ago we bought poles for ourselves and started fishing from piers on Lake ErieS really enjoyed that.  As well she should, since she always managed to catch fish.  I might as well have been tossing worms into the lake without bothering with the pole, the line or the hook.  In our many fishing expeditions I managed to catch 2 tiny little fish.  Not good.

But on Friday we tried a new fishing expedition.  We found a state park not far from our house called Punderson Lake.  Actually, I think there might be three lakes in the park (1 big, 2 small) but we chose the big one, which is actually Punderson Lake.  S read up on the fishing report and found that Friday was going to be a good/excellent day for fishing on the lake and that the lake offered row boat rentals.  Exciting.  I hadn’t been fishing on a boat since I was five or six.

We started out quite early on Friday morning which was cause for celebration since we have been staying up very late and sleeping in almost everyday since school let out.  It’s our usual school-break pattern which I have tried so many times to break but I cannot.  I’m a morning person and I really hate missing out on all of these mornings.  However, I am also a late night person and I hate to see any day with S come to an end.

Anyway, we got out to Punderson Lake at about 9:00 am.  Since it was still kind of early there was mist floating on the water near the boat house.  That helped set the proper fishing mood.  And there was a guy getting ready to set out for the day on his own boat with his very well behaved dog.

I would love to take our dogs out on the lake in a boat, but Emma would surely tip the boat trying to jump into the lake for swimming and Rummy would tip the boat chasing after the dragon flies.  It would not end well.

We rented a row boat for the reasonable price of $18 for the first two hours and the $5 an hour after that.  You can rent a boat for the whole day for $38, but we weren’t expecting to be out on the lake all that long.  Renting a boat was the way to go because the shore areas around the lake aren’t all that easily fished because of the lily pads and weeds.  We were told that the fish would really be biting in the shady areas, which please me because the sun was kind of hot already at 9:00 am.

This is a photo from the boat.  Punderson Lake is really quite big and there was no way we were going to get to see all of it with a row boat.  I was the designated rower because S said she had never done it before.  I had gone to various camps as a kid and row boating was learned.  Of course, it had been over 20 years since my camp experience and I was a little rusty.  S teased me all day long and quit frankly, wore down my ego a bit.  By the middle of the fishing expedition the rowing had come back to me and I think I did well.

This is where the fish were hanging out in the morning hours.

Off in the distance there are two guys in kayaks.  They brought their own boats which is allowed.  Punderson Lake also has two, two person kayaks for rent as well as row boats with outboard motors, but those are priced differently.  We enjoyed the boating experience almost as much as the fishing and spent quite a bit of the day discussing getting our own row boat.  We have that discussion every time we go down to Hinkley and rent kayaks, only then we discuss buying kayaks. 

This is a photo of a herron in flight.  He was huge and all day he raised quite a ruckus. 

Okay, so in the next post, I am going to have more fish stories and photos.  I was just setting the stage in this post.


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