Bringing Big Ugly Home…

If you are wondering why we are chopping up a fish, you should read Fishing Expedition and Fishing Expedition Continued… you know, so you don’t think we are just some fish sacrificing cult.

So, we brought Big Ugly home in our fishing bucket.  He wasn’t real happy about it and splashed his fishy water all over the back end of our car.  We called S’s dad, Mr. S, because he is a fisherman and pretty good at it.  We weren’t really sure what to do with Big Ugly by way of putting him out of his misery.  Mr. S said that we needed to bop him in the head with the but of a hammer to end the suffering.  Easy enough, I’ve had experience with that before (rodents in restaurants, not fish or people or anything like that).

That’s Big Ugly, not real pleased with his lot in life…

The thing is, I wasn’t expecting and Mr. Sdidn’t mention that Big Ugly’s head was really hard.  I bopped him several times and nothing happened.  S bopped him several times and only managed to cut him a little.  So we dumped him out of the bucket and I chopped his head of with my trusty hatchet.  My work was done.  We have a fillet knife and S had watched her father do it before, so she took over.  But she didn’t want me to watch because I think she thought I would think less of her.  You know me, all judgmental after I chop off fish heads.

That’s Big Ugly before he met the hatchet.

And here is S doing the dirty work.  Her dad talked her through most of it, which was good because the skin was tough to get off.  We ended up with a good bit of fish meat.  We were going to cook it that night, but the pain of the sunburns had started to set in, so we put the meat in the freezer.

My knees were so burned that I couldn’t really walk yesterday.  I even cried a little.  S’s back is her worst area.  My left arm is already blistered up.  We were really stupid.


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