Race for the Cure…

Sadly, it is not a race in support of Robert Smith and his wicked good band The Cure.  No, it is a run/walk for breast cancer, which I’m sure you’ve heard lots about from all sorts of sources.

When we lived in Pittsburgh, S used to walk in the Race for the Cure with her mother every mother’s day.  But here in Ohio the thing is in early September and inconvenient for mother/daughter dual-state participation.  Shasn’t participated in the Race since we moved to Ohio.  But last night she was checking out those Susan G. Komen breast cancer t-shirts and got it in her head that we should do the Race this year.  We.  Apparently she meant me.  My first question, can I drive it?  Sadly, the answer was no.

I like walking.  I like walking the dogs and I like walking in the woods.  I can get behind a long walk down the beach too.  But walking a course with a pre-determined length in a specific set time frame (starts at 9:15 and and ends at noon) doesn’t much appeal to me.  I know that I walked more than three miles at Kennywood a couple of weeks ago, but that was at a meander (my favorite pace) with lots of starting and stopping.  I’m not an exercise walker. 

I don’t even know if I can walk a 5k and live to tell about it.  Yes, that is a sad admission.  So we are going to start training this evening.  We are going on a somewhat long walk.  Hopefully by weeks end we will have increased the length of the walk.  And even more hopefully, by September 13th, I will be able to walk the 5k without any problem other than perhaps a little boredom.  Downtown Cleveland is kind of boring to look at.  I hope the race course at least gives us some lake views.  That would get me more interested.


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  1. […] taking regular evening walks around the neighborhood now, trying to get me in shape for the Race For the Cure.  The dogs are enjoying it and we’ve really been getting to know our neighborhood, something […]

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