Times of tumult…

I am a news junkie.  One of the 24 hour news networks is almost always on in our house.  And in the kitchen I have a little radio tuned to talk radio.  S is on summer vacation (teaching kicks ass) and so she is around the house more than usual.  Which means she is exposed to the news more than usual.  During the school year, she pays attention when she can but I update her with the important news.  My updates are more substantial than the average news story.  The typical news anchor (no matter what the channel) needs to instill fear and panic in the few minutes they have to talk about a particular subject.  My S news updates contain much more information, historical perspective and nuance.  Consequently, S is rarely ever in turmoil over the news during the school year.

But now she is over exposed to the news anchors.  And it is all bad news.  It is all horrible news.  And in between the news there are commercials for bankruptcy and emergency food sources.  I fear that S is in a bit of a panic now.  Suddenly she is freaked out by gas prices.  Yes, I am concerned about gas prices, but not freaked out.  Since we really only need to drive about 60 miles per week during the school year (includes getting S to work and class) I think we are going to be okay in our SUV.  And gas would have to be $15 a gallon before I would even begin to consider trading in an SUV in northeast Ohio.  We need this vehicle to get in and out of our driveway in the winter.  Buying a second car, a small Honda perhaps, sometimes interests me but then we would have the cost of maintaining it and insuring it and filling up two cars.  Gas has to get a lot more expensive before I can really get behind that.

I do not like to see such worry in S’s eyes.


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