Around the garden…

We took a lot of pictures this weekend, mostly of the garden and the various things we are growing.

This is my favorite, the pink coneflower

And our little bush roses are doing really well after a bit of a rough start…

The sage in my herb garden has had some wicked growth.  We’re going to put some aside for the Thanksgiving turkey and stuffing…

And this is my garden nemisis

We are fighting the good fight with the blood meal, but when it gets washed away by heavy rain, the bunnies picnic on our garden.


2 Responses

  1. Those rascally rabbits! We have the same problem and I have tried almost everything on the market and we just can’t seem to get them to stop. I have resorted to building a fence around new plantings, as they seem to be the caviar of the garden. Once the plants get a couple of years old we don’t seem to have as many problems with the rabbits.

  2. I would probably be better at fighting off the rabbits if I didn’t think they were so cute. I love watching them and at times I have sat in the window watching them chew my plantings and I just get caught up in the cute-ness of it all.

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