Kennywood Day, part three…

I do not want to give the impression that S totally ditched me and Shaggy at Kennywood.  In fact, there were a few times when she did join us in Kiddieland.  Right after S rode the real Steel Phantom with her dad and brothers, she took Shaggy on the kid version called the Lil Phantom.

Apparently the Lil Phantom is pretty fast and a little jerky, but they both loved it.  So much so that later on in the evening, Shaggy rode it a second time, but with Mrs. S.

So, on the time line of things, Shaggy and I finally met up with S and her mom at about six.  Yeah, that is six full hours past nap time for the Shag.  She really was behaving well and we hadn’t had but the one no-nap-melt-down.  I was impressed.  But, we did need a little down time for some game playing.  S introduced Shaggy to her favorite game, the Fish Pond.

Shaggy won two prizes, a little teddy bear and a stuffed star fish. 

After some game playing Mrs. S begged us to ride the new haunted house ride with her.  I forget what the actual name for the ride is, but it is new this year to Kennywood.  I was hesitant to take Shaggy into a haunted house because I had no idea how scary it would be, but I was out voted.  And let me tell you that the line for the ride was about forty-five minutes long.  That is a long wait for what turned out to be a pretty lame ride.  And it was probably a little too scary for a three year old.  She didn’t cry but afterwards she said she didn’t like it.  It was the only ride all day that she said she didn’t like.

While we were waiting in the long line, Shaggy took a little bit of a snooze.

This photo was taken at almost seven o’clock.  Three hours past when I thought we would have already left the park.  Nin and Pip had left at 3:30Gil and Bud left at 6:00.  But us, with the three year old who’d had no nap and no real food all day were still at the park.  After the haunted house, Mr. & Mrs. Stook off with the little kids, back to Kiddieland, so that S and I and el Jeffe and Lucifer could go ride big kid rides.  I was not happy about that, but I was out voted. 

So, it’s getting kind of late at that point and we got in a long line for the Thunderbolt roller coaster.  But as we were in line a dark storm started moving in.  By the time we got close to getting on the coaster there was lightening.  Then the power shut down and the rides were all closed.  Then the skies opened up and rain poured down like it was punishing us for having the gall to be at an amusement park.  

We were pretty far from Kiddieland and I started to sprint through the park to find Shaggy.  I thought she might be afraid by the storm.  We had no idea where they would be and none of our cell phone calls were going through.  I was more than a little upset.  I just wanted to find my niece and get the hell out of there.  I was pissed off that we were even still at the park when the storm hit.  I was so pissed at S that I could barely look at her.  Yes, I assigned blame.

At some point we ducked for cover under a pavilion and luckily that is where Mr. & Mrs. S had sought shelter with the kids.  Shaggy looked a little worried, but not all that afraid, because, as she told me later, Mr. S had “save-ded” her from the airplane ride when the storm hit.  And yeah, I know that Mr. & Mrs. S are perfectly capable of taking care of children since they raised three of them, but still, I worried. 

We had to wait out part of the storm in that pavilion and then walk through the rain back to our picnic area to gather our things and then trudge back through the park to leave.  It was wet and cold and Shaggy was a real trooper.  It had been more than eight hours without a nap and she insisted on walking like a big kid, which meant we had to go slow.  After we left Kennywood we had to stop at the S House to pick up our dogs before we could head back to Wheeling.  We didn’t get on the road until after nine and even then, Shaggy was still awake and talking about Kennywood.  She stayed awake for more than half of the ride back to Granny’s house.  But by the time we arrived, she was sound asleep. 

I carried her inside, my last painful act for the day.  By that time, I was seriously hurting for all of the walking and carrying.  I put her to be in her clothes because I didn’t want to wake her by putting her in her pjs.

Even with the storm and the extended time line and the no real food and the no real nap, it was a fun day.  I can’t believe Shaggy was able to get through it all with just the one real melt down.  I would do it again, I think.  But I would try to be a little more vocal about my thoughts, which I had not been.  Since the S Family was treating us to Kennywood, I felt like I had to do what they wanted.  I don’t know that it was the best thing for Shaggy.  I should have rented a wagon because she might have laid down in it and napped.  I should have risked a melt down and forced her to eat some real food.  I should have been more forceful about my wish to leave the park at a reasonable time.  And I should have worn my Crocs because my feet probably wouldn’t still be hurting.


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