Kennywood Day, part two…

Kennywood, back before it was bought by some Spanish firm, used to have it’s own theme which was built around a cartoonish kangaroo named Kenny.  We told Shaggy that she might get to meet Kenny because they used to have people dress up in his costume and roam around the park.  That made her pensive.  She did not want to meet a large kangaroo.  Well, she sort of wanted to meet him the day before we got to Kennywood, when S was telling her all about Kenny.  But at some point she changed her mind and the thought of meeting Kenny became frightening.

But, the Spanish firm has changed Kennywood and while there are still signs of Kenny around the park, there is now a Garfield theme.  Seriously, Garfield?  Garfield is lame.  He might have been cool at some point, but now he is totally lame.  I think that the costumed, walk around Kenny is gone because I didn’t see him at all on Saturday.  But there is still the S Family favorite ride called the Kangaroo.  The Kangaroo goes around in a fast circle and at a point, the ride goes up a ramp and then “jumps” off of the ramp.  It is a fun ride.  And in the past, the whole family (minus Nin, who has a bad back and cannot ride rides) would gather together in line and ride together.

Apparently Shaggy thought that the Kangaroo ride was an actual kangaroo.  She did not want to ride it and she did not want to go near it and she would not even look in its direction.  She was anti-roo.  Bud couldn’t ride the Kangaroo because it is verboten to the pregnant and the ailing.  S didn’t ride it because she wanted to go with el Jeffe to ride the new Cosmos ride, which nobody else wanted any part of.  Mr. S was having stomach distress and missed the Kangaroo because he was in the bathroom.  I couldn’t ride the Kangaroo because I was holding Shaggy with her eyes averted from the horror of it all.  So, the family tradition kind of broke down this year.  Mrs. S, who loves the ride more than the rest of us, rode it with Lucifer and the two kids Lucifer brought along with her.

That’s them on the Kangaroo.  An action shot, right in the height of the jump.

Later on in the day, the whole family, including Pip but minus Nin and Bud, got together to ride the Turtle, which is another S Family tradition.  Even Shaggy joined in.

After the Kangaroo, the family split up again.  And let me just say that when Shaggy was not actually riding rides at Kennywood, she was on top of my shoulders.  All day.  I became a ride.  Consequently, on Sunday morning, when I tried to get out of bed, I could barely walk.  I pay homage to all of you parents out there who have to carry kids day in and day out.  You amaze meShaggy is too big for strollers and we didn’t rent one of those Kennywood wagons, and she is too little to walk all day long.  It was fun at the time but quite painful the following day.

Back in Kiddieland, Shaggy chose to ride Dumbo.  Dumbo goes around and around, but he has a joystick in his head that when pulled will cause him to raise up into the air about three feet.  Shaggy was riding with another girl and that girl’s parents kept yelling to her to pull the joystick to go up.  Neither Shaggy nor the girl managed to get the message so they didn’t get to fully experience Dumbo.  Still, I think they had a fun ride.

Look at that face.  That, my friends, is pure joy.  That is the face of fun.  That is a genuine good time face.  And that is Shaggy on the Whiper-Snapper, which is the Kiddieland version of the Whip.  I truly believe that this was Shaggy’s favorite ride.  She rode it several times and each time she delighted when her little car would whip around the corners.  It was also my favorite moment out of the whole day.  I’ve never experienced anything quite like it.  Watching a little kid delight like that…  I don’t know how to say what I want to say, but I can’t remember ever being happier.

That’s Shaggy on the Rad Barron ride.  She was starting the get the idea that pulling the joystick would make the plane go up in the air, but she could only get it to go up a little bit.  Later on in the day, when she rode with a bigger kid, he managed to get the plane up to the full six feet off of the ground.  Oh, and on our time line of things, this was at about four o’clock.  Four full hours past when she was supposed to have had a nap.  Originally I had planned on us leaving Kennywood at four.  I thought that it would have been a long enough day at that point.  But at four, I had no idea where S was, as she was off with her brothers riding big kid rides.

So, with Shaggy still awake and running on pure adrenaline, pink lemonade and a chocolate chip cookie, we stayed in Kiddieland and rode rides.  There were a couple of kiddie rides that were built for adult companions, so we rode those.  My favorite was the SS Kenny which went back and forth in the air and then turned figure eights.  At first Shaggy was hesitant to ride it but she gave in and had a great time.  We also rode the Crazy Trolley:

It scared the crap out of me.  It goes about 15 feet in the air, swing back and forth and then plummets to the ground and does it over and over again and at some point, while up high in the air it pauses.  All of the little kids on the ride were crying, except Shaggy.  I felt like crying, but held it in.

To be continued…





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