Kennywood day, part one…

On Saturday we went to Kennywood.  Not just me and S, but we also got to take our three year old niece, Shaggy, with us.  And it wasn’t just the three of us…  The S family has a yearly picnic at Kennywood which they have been doing for 29 years.  S and I haven’t been able to go for the past five years so we were really excited to get to go this time.  And I can’t begin to tell you how much more fun Kennywood is with little kids.

We needed to get from Wheeling to Pittsburgh early on Saturday so I woke everyone up with my new Kennywood song:

It’s Kennywood Day, It’s Kennywood Day

Kenny, Kenny, Kenny Wood,

It’s Kennywood Day, It’s Kennywood Day

Kenny, Kenny, Kenny Wood.

Thankfully Shaggy woke up in a good mood.  Sometimes she can be a bit cranky when she wakes up.  She had no idea what Kennywood was or why we were so excited about going, but she was excited to.  When we told her there were all kinds of fun rides at Kennywood, she informed us that she would NOT ride any rides.  That sounded a little ominous, but it did not diminish my excitement.

We got to Pittsburgh earlier than even I had hoped.  Normally we run at least an hour late, sometimes more, because S hates waking up in the morning.  She can be a bit cranky when she wakes up.  But on Kennywood Day, she got up and dressed and helped me get Shaggy ready.  When we first got to Pittsburgh we had to meet up with the rest of the family at S’s parent’s house.  They have an old, tiny weiner dog which Shaggy loved and that kept her entertained until the rest of the family arrived.

Once we got to Kennywood we met up with S’s grandparents, Nin and PipS’s brother Gil and his pregnant wife, Bud were there.  Not to mention her brother, el Jeffe and his wife, Lucifer.  They brought along two little kids that they were babysitting, so we had a large group.

The day always starts out with a picnic lunch.  I was a little worried because by the time we actually got to Kennywood and started to eat, it was just about time for Shaggy’s usual nap.  But she was too excited to sleep and it was starting to dawn on her that Kennywood was an exciting place with lots to see and do.  I couldn’t have gotten her to nap even if I had used the “I’ll tell Santa” trick.  So, no nap.  That was about noon, just so you have some sort of time line.

We started the day on the carousel.  The big one, not the one in Kiddieland.  The carousel goes fast and the horses move up and down.  I was a little nervous about how Shaggy would handle it since it was her first ever amusement park ride.  And she insisted on getting on one of the horses that goes up and down.  I had to stand along side to make sure she didn’t fall off.  The first go round went well and she wanted to ride again.  And then she wanted to ride again.  Three in a row.  And since there was no line, there was no break in the spinning.  By the third time she wanted to be a big kid and not have me holding onto her horse.  I was really dizzy and really just needed to hold on for my own sake and not so much hers.

That’s me in the sunglasses and that is the back of Shaggy’s little blond head.  And that is pregnant Bud riding the carousel without her husband’s permission.  That was going to cause some tension later on because he is a very anxious and over protective dude.  After the third go round on the carousel, I wanted to move on to something else because I suspected that Shaggy thought that the carousel was the total of Kennywood.

The group split off, with some people wanting to ride roller coasters and me thinking that I wanted to avoid a no-nap-melt-down by taking Shaggy to Kiddieland. 

Kiddieland is a very fun place.  It starts out with some tame, easy rides and then progresses on to more adventurous rides.  We started out on the motorbikes, which was my favorite ride when I was a kid.  Shaggy liked it.  She rode it twice in a row.  She tends to get a little tunnel vision, I suppose.  But I did manage to get her to move on to other rides.

This is some sort of space themed ride.  It goes around and around, kind of slow.  It does not go high up into the air or anything risky.  Shaggy liked it fine.  She also liked riding with the other kids.  All day she had more fun if she was sharing the ride with me or some other kid.  She’s really quite friendly and outgoing.  Very different than her older sister.

After the space themed ride, S met up with us in Kiddieland.  She wanted us to go with her to meet up with the rest of her family who were riding big kid rides.  Shaggy, having had a taste of Kiddieland, did not want to leave the area.  So, at two o’clock we had our first no-nap-melt-downS apparently needed a nap too because she got a little snippy too.  I was put in the position of having to placate both of them.  Not an easy thing to do.

I was able to broker a peace accord wherein S would hang out with us in Kiddieland for one more ride and then we would meet up with the S Family for a couple of big kid rides.  And the kid who said she would NOT ride any rides at Kennywood, chose to ride the Kiddieland ferris wheel.  Not being a ferris wheel fan myself (scared of heights) I was impressed.

To be continued…





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