Our once-a-year baseball game…

For the past couple of years we have been making a once a summer trip down to the Jake to watch an Indians game.  Again, I know it is no longer the Jake, but that is what I will call it for the rest of my days.  Since neither of us are baseball fans, we really only need to attend one game per season.  I would much rather go to a football game, though not in Cleveland if that could be helped.

Usually S’s supervisor gives us a set of her season tickets for the Indians.  That has been quite nice and her seats are good.  But this year we got even better seats.

Those are the box seats behind home plate tickets we used for the game.  Not too shabby.  Although S was worried through the whole game that we were going to get beaned with a foul ball or a broken bat.  We were just 15 rows up from the plate.

That’s the view from our seats. 

That sign used to say Jacobs Field, but now it doesn’t.  I’m a wee bit bitter.

That is the backside of the Indian’s mascot, SliderShad no idea what it was.  I’m sure all of the regular fans around us thought she was a dolt.  I thought she was adorable.

That is Ryan Garko at bat.  Last year he was pretty good and there were some brand new parents who named their children after him.  This year, apparently, he is a bum.  At least that is what the guy behind us was yammering on about all evening.

This is S, after the game, being all goofy with baseball statuary.

Sadly, the Indians lost to the Giants, 3 to 2.  But it was a good game and it moved along quickly. 

I got a $6.75 beer served in a cup made entirely from corn.  The Indians pride themselves on being one of the “greenest” ball parks in the country.  I wanted to save my cup and mail to someone in Mexico with a note that says, “Sorry you can’t afford to eat anymore.  But I drank out of this corn cup. Neat-o.”  We also bought two sodas in Indians cups, sort of a tradition for us.  S ate some cheese fries and a helmet sundae.  I had two of the best hot dogs I have ever eaten.  The Jake has good food, my friends.



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