Exciting week ahead…

Tonight we are going to an Indians game at Progressive Field.  It used to be Jacobs Field but nobody respects tradition anymore. And yes, I know it was called some else before that and the people who liked that think I don’t respect tradition… But I digress.  S got two tickets in a box behind home plateas a token of appreciation from one of her students and their parents.  That is one of the nice surprise perks of being a teacher

We are not huge baseball fans but we do like to go to games.  Mostly we love ball park food.  And we like beer in special Indians cups.  And helmet sundaes.  And S is a big fan of ball park nachos.  I’m partial to a good ball park hot dog with Stadium Mustard

It’s not that we aren’t Indians fans, we are.  Baseball is just a little boring until September.  And the Indians are 6 games out  in their division, so September probably isn’t going to be exciting at all.  Now, if we had gotten tickets for a Cubs game at Wrigley, now that would have been exciting even at this middle stage of the season.

Oh, and guess where we will be on Saturday…  Go on, guess…  Okay, fine…  We are going to Kennywood!  It’s a fine, fine amusement park in the Pittsburgh, PAarea.  We’re going to be roller coastering on the Racer and the Jack Rabbit.  We’re probably going to ride that Jumping Kangaroo ride.  Maybe do a little time on the Whip and the Pirate Ship.  We are going to skip the Thunderbolt as it has been having more and more mishaps in the past ten years.  Scary.  We are also going to skip going through Noah’s Arc because years ago they added a steam room feature and it spurred an asthma attack our last time through.  Not fun.

But again, a major attraction of the amusement park trip is the food.  S has a long time hankering for some Potato Patch fries with cheese on them.  I always get a Kennywood corn dog.  And we can’t leave the park without a bag of cotton candy for the car ride home.  We love Kennywood.

It’s going to be a good week, I think.


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