Same squirrel, different savagery…

This, I firmly believe, is the same squirrel who was getting it on in my previous post, Sweaty Squirrel Sex.

This morning I noticed him hanging around my garage door.  By the way, I have named him Marvin Gaye.

There’s nothing wrong with me squirreling you… Squirreling yourself with me can never be wrong, if the squirrel is true… Let’s get it on…”

Anyway, it kind of looked like he was digging and biting at the garage.  I watched him for several minutes and then grabbed the camera because, you know, I’m a little obsessed with Marvin Gaye’s antics.

He totally knew that I caught him doing whatever it was that he was doing.  But then he just went back to do it.  Not the “it” from my previous post, the “it” concerning the garage.  He finally ran off when I yelled at him.  Mostly though, he just ran up a nearby tree and stared me down.  While I was yelling at him, he was yelling back at me in that “cluck-cluck” sound that squirrels make when they are mad.  Which, by the way, is slightly different than the sound they make when they are doing their Marvin Gaye type activities.

When I inspected the garage, this is what I found:

The paint has been stripped away and…

There are teeth and claw marks in the wood.  Marvin Gaye is eating my garage.  Maybe he wants to get into the garage so that he can turn it into a private Love Shack.  Maybe this is his way of telling me I need to refill the bird/squirrel feeder.  Maybe he is just a hoodlum.




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