Colonel Mustard…

Back on March 26th, I wrote a post called Random Thoughts, which really was chock full ‘o’ random thoughts.  A few of those thoughts focused on how our yard has become Mecca to all the loose dogs in the neighborhood.  One of those regular visitors is Colonel Mustard, a little Scotty dog who lives across the street with a little old woman and a bunch of teenagers. 

Colonel Mustard’s teenagers don’t keep a real good eye on him during the day when his little old lady is away.  He gets out of their house and comes over to our yard to relieve his bladder and bowels.  When he first started visiting I worried quite a bit that he might come over when our dogs are outside and there would be lots of fur and spittle.  Perhaps there would be blood.  Sometimes I would chase him off but often he would just stand in my yard and bark at me like I was the intruder.  That pissed me off, so I stopped worrying so much about his saftey in MY yard.

Apparently I shouldn’t have ever worried at all…

That’s Colonel Mustard sneaking up on EmmaEmma is not so much of a gaurd dog though.

Usually Emma is such a wuss, she runs away from any sign of trouble.  If she so much as smells a skunk nearby, she demands to be let into the house.  But she played with Colonel Mustard.  They romped around with one another and did the sniffing thing. 

When Rummy relaized there was a yard visitor, she wanted to be let outside.  I thought she might chase Colonel Mustard off, but no.  They sniffed one another several times and then she followed him around while he marked our yard as his territory.


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