Nice day for a bath…

The best thing about summer and warm weather is that the dogs can be bathed outside with the garden hose.  In the winter they have to be bathed in our tub and, well, Rummy fights it like you wouldn’t believe.  It can take two hours to bathe her indoors, with one hour devoted to getting her into the tub and another hour to actually complete the bathing process.

But outside, with a hose, she can be gotten with relative ease.  Well, ease for me since S is totally in charge of bathing the dogs.  I just stand by with towels and a camera.

Today, after the initial hose down, S had to chase Rummy up into the back porch area to finish the job.  It was a bit of a struggle, which Rummy eventually lost.

Emma is much easier to bathe because she is kind of old and much more docile than Rummy.  She just sort of gives in.  She doesn’t much like a bath and you can control her behavior by saying the word “bath”.  And we found out yesterday that she now knows how to spell the word because she reacted in the predictable way when S said “b-a-t-h”.

I think Emma likes the feel of the scrub bruh…

In the end, they are both rewarded with a post-bath pancake.

Hopefully, for them, they won’t require another bath until August.


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  1. […] seal was making a face just like our Emma does when she first wakes up in the morning.  We call it her “so sleepy” […]

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