Mike’s garden…

From where I sit while I type this, I have a good view out of two windows.  When I put the desk in the office I set it away from a wall, in the corner, allowing me to watch out over the back yard from one window and to look out of my neighbor’s garden from the other window.  It’s a good view.  I love our back yard and when the dogs are out there I can keep an eye on them.  I also get to watch the bunnies, squirrels and birds all day long. 

And the view of Mike’s garden is nice too.  He must pump steroids into the ground because his greens grow like mad.  And last summer he had about a dozen tomato plants which entertained me to no end.  Entertained me because even though there were a dozen plants and each one was heavy with tomatoes, Mike never got to eat even one of them.  The squirrels ate every single one of them.  And I watched them do it.  They would steal the tomatoes and then jump up on a tree in my yard and eat them.  But they would only eat half of the tomato and then they would toss the waste into my grass.  And even though they had just wasted half of a tomato, they would jump back down from the tree, back into Mike’s garden and steal another tomato.

This year Mike is fighting the good fight.

He has crafted a scarecrow out of one of his polo shirts.  It sure scared the hell out of Rummy the first few times she saw it.  And it must be scaring away the bunnies because his greens are way bigger now than they are in the picture above.  But he hasn’t put in his tomato plants yet.  That will be the real test.



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