Via e-mail, we have learned that S’s brother, el Jeffe, and his wife, Lucifer, are planning to come for a visit.  They gave us a list of potential weekends, which I whittled down to the last week of July or the first week of August.  Once they come for the visit, all members of the S family will have seen our house.  I really do love showing off the house.

Neither of my brothers have come to visit since we bought the house.  Brother M is a true wandering spirit, so he has rarely ever seen where I live.  To be fair, I rarely know where he lives.  He is a modern day nomad, always on the search for something that won’t bore him.  I would be shocked if he called to say that he was coming for a visit. 

DK the Asshat is always complaining that S and I don’t come to his house to visit his family.  The thing is, I have been to visit them almost a dozen times in the last ten years.  Okay, that doesn’t seem like a lot, but if you were the one spending time with them, you would realize just how much visitation that is.  S and I  bought this house last year and DK the Asshat has not come to check out the place.  And yes, I have extended the invitation…  But in the past year he has complained more than ten times that we need to visit his home.

Now, DK the Asshat lives down in the center of West Virginia, about a five hour drive for us.  Also, an expensive drive for us.  But DK the Asshat’s in-laws live near Columbus, Ohio, which is a mere two hours from us.  The Asshat family visits the in-laws at least once a month.  They could easily just drive up here during one of those visits, but they don’t.  And, the Asshat family has a planned trip to Cedar Pointe this summer.  Cedar Pointe is maybe 45 minutes from us, but the Asshat family isn’t planning on dropping in to see the house.  Screw ’em.


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