The gifts, part two…

There was a second gift from Mr. & Mrs. S.   I’m sure that S will be absolutely horrified that I am posting pictures of it.  She is embarrassed by it.  I alternate between being embarrassed and being in awe.  It also leaves me with a feeling of claustrophobia and a little bit of self doubt.

This is a picture of our television.  I purchased it back in 2001, I think.  And at the time it seemed to be on the cutting edge of technology, what with the flat screen thing.  But it still just has the old school picture tube in it, so it was out of date pretty quickly.  I bought it because I had purchased our first DVD player and that thing wouldn’t work with our 1980’s television. 

The television had some cool features, like a built in tv guide-type grid that would tell you what you were watching when you landed on a channel.  And yeah, that was cool before we got DirecTV which has that feature built in.  It is also a 20 inch screen, which I thought was cool because, at the time, I had only ever had 19 inch televisions.  It doesn’t take too much to impress me.  It was a decent sized television even though I have been lobbying to get a flat screen LCD that is at least 32 inches.  I just think football will look even better when it is on a 32 inch screen.

We have been proud of that television because it’s a good size without being a monstrosity.  Having it in our various living rooms did not make us seem like TV People.  You know, the kind of people who spend tons of money on huge televisions because watching the thing is their whole life.  Our tv said “hey, we like to watch this box, but we have other interests“.

Which brings me to the second gift…

Someone gave Mr. S this television when he wired up their new flat screen with surround sound.  Since Mr. S and all the rest of the S family have big, new televisions, nobody needed this one.  So he offered it to us.  And while he was offering it to us, he was degrading our tiny, little television that barely has any sort of viewing screen.  After telling us how much of a joke our tv is, we couldn’t so much say no to this big “wonderful” tv, could we?  We told him we would take it, but that we couldn’t get it into our car.  We kind of hoped that would be the end of it.  But no.  Mr. S has a huge pick up truck.  And the tv fit in it (barely).

So, the gift tv has a 42 inch screen.  It’s old school with the picture tube and curved screen, but it does have a huge picture.  After we got it in the house and got it up onto the tv cabinet (just barely fits) I turned on the NFL NetworkPeyton Manning was life-size in my living room.  To say that the tv is huge is an understatement.  Yesterday I played a little Madden on it and my G_d it was huge.  The thing is, we have a pretty small living room.  This tv dwarfs the living room.  It is now the focal point of the living room.  It blocks sun from coming in the windows.  It totally screams “hey, we are tv people“.  As I said, S is appalled by it.  She thinks it is freakish.  She never even wanted a bigger tv, so this is just beyond the pale for her.

Did I mention that the gift tv weighs more than 200 pounds?  It took the three of us and a dolly to get it into the house.  S sustained an ankle injury in the process.  We couldn’t get rid of it if we tried because the two of us will never be able to carry it.  When it finally dies we are going to have to hire men to carry it out to the curb for us.  The old tv (our tv), well I carried it all by myself up to the bedroom.  We never watch tv in bed but now we have what S once called “a big tv” in there too.


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