The first summer heat wave…

And it’s not even summer yet.  On Thursday the temperature shot up to 89 degrees.  On Friday is was 92 degrees.  On Saturday it was 90 degrees.  On Sunday it was 93 degrees.  Today we are supposed to get up to 92 or 93 degrees (right now, 9 am, it is already 82 degrees).  It has also been wicked humid.  This has been the first heat wave for northeast Ohio.

We do not have central air in this 108 year old house.  Someday we will get it installed, as we have the duct work for it.  But that is a “someday” project.  For now we have fans and one window unit air conditioner.  We usually put that air conditioner in our bedroom window so that we can sweat all day but sleep in peace.  However, we couldn’t put it in this weekend because S’s parents were coming to visit and it would be so very wrong to sleep in air conditioning while houseguests had nothing but a box fan to move the hot air around.  Instead, we all suffered.

There are a couple of ways to beat the heat here.  Rummy has taken refuge in the basement where it feels like we have air conditioning.  Emma pants a lot and drinks galllons of water.  We also have a small baby pool for her which she enjoys because she is a Lab and Labs love water.  Rummy will stand in the pool but she is not a big fan.  She’s never been much of a swimmer.

Rummy enjoys playing with ice cubes in her water bowl.  This is messy but it keeps her cool.

Emma hangs out in the shade and pants more than you could possibly imagine.

My favorite thing to do is to pull up a lawn chair in front of the sprinkler and let myself get soaked in cold, cold water.

When outside, Rummy likes to crawl under the car for the shade. 

And when the heat gets above 85 degrees, Emma likes to eat her dinner laying down to keep cool.  Or because the heat makes her really lazy.

But when the temperature goes way up, S likes to snuggle on the couch under a nice warm blanket.  Seriously, when I took this picture it was over 90 degrees outside. 

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