A visit from the parental unit…

Saturday afternoon S’s parents, Mr. & Mrs. S, arrived at our house for a visit.  They came bearing gifts which I will detail in another post.  Even though it was really quite hot, we had a pretty good visit.  We all drank a lot and ate a lot and played some Cornhole, which we also learned a little something about.

You see, S and I have been calling our game Cornhole, but we really are just playing Bean Bag TossCornhole has different rules and a different target are and different scoringBean Bag Toss is played with the wood boxes that we have.  And the scoring is just one point per bag in the hole.  Nothing for a bag on the rim of the hole.  And the last person to get a bag in the hole gets all of the points for that round.  I don’t think S likes these rules as much, but they kind of make more sense to me.  And the games move faster.

Off in the distance there you can see S and her dad setting up the game.  We had been playing with the boxes 27 feet apart, but the Bean Bag Toss rule is 30 feet apart.  That took some adjustment…

Have I ever mentioned just how much Rummy loves Mr. S?  She totally does.  He is her second favorite person after me.

Mrs. S claims to be very good at this game.  In fact she told us, and I direct quote here, “everyone always wants me on their team.”  But she wasn’t very good on Saturday.  Neither was S.  Perhaps it was because S discovered that she likes Newcastle Brown beer.  Perhaps…

Mr. S is very good at the Bean Bag Toss.  He and Mrs. S beat us in three straight games.  And not because Mrs. S got more than two bags in the hole, either…  It killed me that every time I got a couple of bags in, he would get the last bag in and steal my points.  This was due in part because S and Mrs. S never tossed in the correct, alternating, order and Mr. S took full advantage of that.

In between the rounds of Bean Bag Toss there was plenty of resting and drinking.  Bean Bag Toss takes a lot out of a person.  Mrs. S always brings some girlie alcoholic beverage for herself.  Usually the drinks are an unholy color and taste.  But she loves them.  And she always leaves some behind for us even though we don’t drink much when they aren’t here and neither of us would drink those kinds of things anyway.

I bought some wicked good sweet corn for grilling. 

Since we don’t yet have a patio or an outside table and chairs, we had to eat our freshly grilled feast inside.

After dinner and dessert we went back outside where it had cooled off just enough to justify having a little fire.  Quite nice, really.  But Mr. S kept falling asleep and everyone else was pretty exhausted.  I didn’t put too much wood on the fire which was good since everyone bailed on me after about 40 minutes.

It was hot and sticky sleeping weather but Mr. & Mrs. S did not complain.  After a little breakfast on Sunday, they packed up their things and hit the road.  Good visit.  They said they had a nice time.  Several times now, when Mrs. S is getting ready to leave she remarks on how “welcome” we made her feel.  Neither S nor I know what to make of this comment.  I wonder if she doesn’t feel welcome when she visits other people.  Or maybe she always expects that because we are gay we are going to be hostile to straight visitors.  Don’t know.






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