Vice President guessing game…

And now it is finally time to start talking about the people on the list for Vice Presidentfor both McCain and Obama.

I have compiled a list of ten potential picks for each party based on looking at which names came up most on other people’s lists.  I’ll also try to link their names to information about them so that you can learn more about them if you so choose.  We should also keep in mind that sometimes the Presidential Nominee will pick someone totally out of left field, making these kinds of lists meaningless.

Barack Obama needs someone with experience to balance his relative lack thereof, particularly foreign policy experience:

Hillary Clintonin case you don’t know, she is a  Democrat Senator from New York.  I don’t know that she really even wants the job.  I don’t think she should take it if offered.  She should go back to the Senate, gain more power and become the first female Senate Majority Leader and then rule the Senate in a way that would make LBJ (the master of the senate) salivate.

James Webbcurrently a first term Democrat Senator from Virginia.  Formerly a Republican who served in the Reagan administration.  Macho, macho dude.  Foreign policy bona fides. 

Bill Richardson…  currently the Democrat Governor of New Mexico.  Former presidential candidate and Secretary of a whole bunch of stuff and former Ambassador to the United Nations.  People like him.  He’s hispanic.  He has foreign policy experience and executive experience.  And his economic policies don’t scare the crap out of Republicans.

Joe Biden…  currently a Democrat Senator from Delaware.  Formerly a presidential candidate (a couple of times).  People say he is smart, though I’ve never seen glimpses of it.  But he does seem to have a lot of foreign policy knowledge.  But he is also very “inside the Beltway” which is not really change I can believe in.

Brian Schweitzer…  currently the Democrat Governor from Montana and apparently has the highest approval ratings for any of the current governors. 

Janet Napolitano…  currently the Governor of Arizona, yeah, McCain’s home state.  Like Schweitzer, she has executive experience, but doesn’t really help in the foreign policy area. 

Sherrod Brown…  currently a Democrat Senator from Ohio.  Formerly a member of the House and Secretary of State for Ohio.  Ohio is must win state for the presidency.  Obama didn’t do so well in the Ohio primary.  But Brown is just as liberal and just as anti-war as Obama and doesn’t bring much else to the ticket.  Having him a the VP nominee won’t promise an Ohio win.  I really don’t know how Brown keeps making the VP lists, but he does.

Chuck Hagel…  this one is fun, as he is currently a Republican Senator from Nebraska.  He has foreign policy experience from his time in the Senate and military experience from his service in the Vietnam War.  He’s a big time Bush critic and Iraq War critic.  He’s been quite the thorn in Republican sides for years.  But I believe he is pro-life, which might be a deal killer.

Wesley Clark…  currently a retired four start Army General.  Formerly Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO.  He joined the Democratic Party in 2004 and ran for president in the primary but didn’t gain much traction.  He’s got the foreign policy and military experience that Obama lacks, but he has also been seen as a Clinton lackey in the past.

Kathleen Sebelius…  currently the Democrat Governor of Kansas.  In January she was chosen by the Democrats to give the rebuttal to President Bush’s State of the Union, which was meant to propel her into the national eye.  She would be a very popular pick or so it seems from various news articles and blogs. 

Tom Daschle…  currently just another guy doing stuff in DC after being voted out of office.  Formerly the Democrat Senate Majority Leader from South Dakota.  I think he was popular on these lists before he failed to help Obama win the South Dakota primary.

McCain needs someone young, as he is older than dirt.  He may need someone who is conservative as many people think that McCain is not:

Just so you know, I am leaving Gov. Bobby Jindal off of the list because I really, really want him to stay in Louisiana to fix all that is broken there.  He is off to a good start and I don’t want him to stop what he is doing to run a national campaign that is probably going to lose.

Charlie Crist…  currently the Republican Governor of Florida.  Formely Florida’s Attorney General.  From what I hear, Republicans in Florida would love for John McCain to take Cristoff of their hands.  He’s not so much popular with the conservative set.  He’s also single (divorced).  And while he is a very tan man, he has a full head of gray hair, just like McCain (well, more hair than McCain).  They will be running against a handsome young man and I don’t like the photo comparrisons.

Rudy Giuliani…  currently the head of some sort of security advisory company.  Formerly America’s Mayor.  This is just not going to work.  He’s got a messy family life.  He ran a crappy presidential campaign.  He’s a very liberal (on social issues) Republican.  He’s pro-choice.  I like him but social conservatives do not.  Conservatives in general don’t so much care for McCain.  But it would be kind of funny to see Obama run up a landslide victory because every conservative voter stayed home on November 4th.

Mike Huckabee…  currently I don’t know what he is doing other than waiting for the VP phone call.  Formerly a Baptist minister and Republican Governor of Arkansas.  Please, for the love of G_d NO!  I am promising right her, right now if 72 year old John McCain picks Huckabee as his VP, I will NOT vote for them.  I will stay home.  I will campaign for others to just stay home and not vote at all or to vote for Obama.

Kay Bailey Hutchison…  currently a Republican Senator from Texas.  I suspect she gets her name on these lists because she is a woman and somewhat conservative.  But I really thought she wanted to go back to Texas to run for governor.  She’s got some politically motivated baggage which will not play so well in the national press.

Joe Liebermancurrently an Independent Democrat Senator from Connecticut.  Formerly a Democrat Senator from Connecticut (until the party threw him under the bus) and vice presidential candidate with Al Gore in 2000.  I adore this man.  He is smart and charming and except for being really liberal in a whole lot of ways, he is perfect to me.  I want to believe that he could help McCain but there are a lot of people who think he will hurt McCain with conservatives.  A republican/democrat unity ticket really could be change I believe in.

Sarah Palin…  currently the Republican Governor of Alaska.  The first woman governor of Alaska.  The youngest elected governor of Alaska.  Formerly a mayor.  Her name is one of the most popular on the VP lists.  But she doesn’t have a lot of experience, which may not matter.

Tim Pawlenty…  currently the Republican Governor of Minnesota.  Formerly the Majority Leader in the Minnesota State House.  Another popular pick because he is young and has done well in a blue/purple state.  The republicans would love to win this state which is just one of the reasons it is hosting the national convention.

Mitt Romney…  currently the most handsome man in American.  Formerly a Republican governor of Massachusetts, head of the 2002 Utah Olympics and very successful businessman.  Good on the economy, which McCain kind of needs, but has that whole “flip-flopper” thing around his neck.  And people say that he and McCain hate one another.

Condi Rice…  currently the Secretary of State in the Bush administration (before you click this link, know that a lot of people hate her and have messed with her wikipedia page).  Formerly National Security Advisorand Provost of Standford University.  She is a very smart woman.  But she has been involved with a not so smart administration and the stink has rubbed off on her.  She’s got the foreign policy stuff, but McCain doesn’t need that.  She doesn’t have the domestic stuff, which McCain could use some help on.  She is a woman, which would be nice and she is an African-American, which would also be nice for the republicans.  But I think this potential candidate is a total non-starter.

J.C. Watts…  currently a political commentator for CNN.  Formerly a Republican Congressman from Oklahoma, Canadian Professional Football player and big time University of Oklahoma quarterback.  This could be a good choice for McCain because Watts was a popular republican.  But it could be seen as McCain choosing him because he is an African American and not just because it would be a good choice.  I don’t think that would be fair but it wouldn’t surprise me.


5 Responses

  1. Bottom line, with Palin as VP, McCain WINS.

    Without Palin, McCain likely does not win.

    Case closed.

  2. Sarah Palin is great stuff but one cannot imagine her going up against Jimmy Webb and coming off as Presidential timbre. Now the thing about Condi Rice is that you can imagine her as President of the United States and she knows how to handle herself in a debate with a Democrat.

    McCain is sort of stuck. The Movement Conservatives want him to pick a nobody that he will have to roll out and spend the entire month of September introducing to the Nation while Obama has his war hero, Jim Webb, at his side. Now, Rice, who is hated only by the activists, doesn’t have these problems, and has the virtue of being both black and female. This allows McCain to play identity politics and roll out someone who already is well known and people can accept as a possible President.

    Naturally, given the towering ineptitude of the McCain Campaign, I don’t ecpect them to do this. I actually expect them to pick someone like Tim Pawlenty and win, say, ten states.

  3. Quality assessment section9.

    I would be more than happy with a Rice VP.

    But McCain is already getting flustered by the “McSame” “Bush’s 3rd Term” stuff. Picking an 8 year member of the Bush administration is probably not what he wants to do, even if it would be good for him in the long run.

  4. Ted, looking at the new polling data this morning, I have to give you some applause on your comment from 3 months ago.

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