Happy closet/shelf update…

The second time around went much better.

I do not understand why we have so much bathroom stuff.  Seriously?  Look at all that stuff. 

S’s mom (Mrs. S) seems to give us Avon lotions and body washes every two months and they start to stack up.  She also gives us perfume sets every couple of months even though, between the two of us, we are still working on one bottle that she gave us last summer.  I do not perfume often and S alternates between perfume and perfumed lotion.  Mrs. S also buys us deodorant on a frequent basis.  It used to offend me, kind of like maybe she thought we smelled bad or thought we couldn’t afford basic toiletries… But I have since accepted it.  She is compelled to buy us stuff on a regular basis and toiletries are the easiest things to buy and give for a mom.  I have never complained when she brings us 24 packs of toilet paper, though.

I have a compulsion that has added to the amount of crap in that closet.  I buy over the counter medicines.  I buy a lot of them.  I think I might buy one on every trip to Wal-Mart.  I buy cough syrup, Vick’s Vapor Rub, cold and flu gel caps, sinus gel caps, Claritin, Gas-X, Immodium, Pepto Bismol, Advil, Advil PM, muscle rub ointment, Oragel, Rolaids, Cortizone cream, Calagel, Tecnu and the list goes on to even more obscene levels.  I just want to be covered if I wake up in the middle of the night with a cough or upset stomach.  I also buy tubes and tubes of antibiotic ointment and every size of Band Aid, just in case.

S is a hair product fiend.  We go to some cheap place for $11 hair cuts but they always manage to sell her $30 worth of styling products.  She even has two large canisters of some product that makes ones hair curly, called Curls Rock, even though S hates to wear her hair curly.  Go figure?

If you are interested, this is what the closet looked like before.


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