Unhappy closet/shelf update…

S did her thing with the shelf blocks and Liquid NailsI did my thing with the whole setting the shelves on the blocks and then organizing all of our bathroom products on the shelves.  It was beautiful.  I almost cried at the beauty of the shelves and the organization.  I took pictures.

Rummyhad been “helping” with the organization but suddenly started to demand to be let outside.  Maybe she knew what was coming and just wanted to be out of the bathroom before it happened.  Maybe she just really needed to relieve herself.  I don’t know.  But as I turned to walk out of the bathroom to take her out, the bottom shelf collapsed.  And then the second shelf pancaked down on top of the first.  All of my beautiful organization was lost.

The third shelf remained solidly in place.  When I inspected the fallen shelves I found that the Liquid Nails on the walls was still kind of wet.  Ah…  It became clearer…  The third shelf’s brackets had been in place for over 24 hours before I placed the shelf and bathroom goods upon it.  The fallen brackets had been in place for maybe 12 hours.

The recommended 24 hour drying time is apparently more than a suggestion.

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