Watching the garden grow…

Oh yes, it is time again for a garden update. 

The Yarrow is growing like mad and is starting to turn yellow.

And yes, this is where blueberries come from…

And we have some daisies in bloom.  These are the recently purchased daisies.  The ones that I planted last year aren’t even close yet.

The arborvitae that I planted a couple of weeks ago are doing fairly well. But there was a big, empty dirt bed around them which I intended to cover over with mulchS had different ideas.  You see, she cannot resist buying those boxes of seed mix at the Dollar Store.  You know the ones… butterfly mix, shade mix, sun mix, moon mix…  She loves them.  And every year she buys them and every year she waits with baited breath to see what will pop up.  In Dayton, everything in the boxes came up and we had one of those wonderful, puffy flower gardens.  I didn’t know how well the mixes would work here but S had faith.  Her faith has been rewarded in that many, many green things are popping up in the bush bed.

Okay, you can’t see them all that well in that picture, but the bed is pretty well covered in green little seedlings.  There also some tall blades from the gladiolas (not sure if I spelled that correctlybulbs that S planted.  She loves those things and I hate them.  They remind me of a bad prom flower.  But I always give in because S loves them so much.  This year she bought a bag of 60 bulbs and put them all around our yard.

I think we also figured out why the False Indigo is false.  Before, the tips were a brilliant blue/purple and then all of the sudden these soft yellow petals popped out from behind the blue.


**Update: Yeah, I did spell that incorrectly.  Properly spelled it is gladiolus.



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